How Do I Prepare for Squating?

On Tuesday I am testing to break the colorado springs d11 squat record with 540 lbs. I’m really nervouse about it because I havent gone past 520 before, but I think that if I can do 5 sets of 2 on box squats with 550 then Ill be good. But Im not too sure how I should prepare for testing. I was told by a coach that i should carb load the day before, and to take in some NOexplode and creatine 30 minutes before I test. What would you guys recommend?

a 600lb unrack should do the trick

What do you mean?

I think he means to put a heavy load on your back as a feeler weight. Its an age old technique to mentally prepare for a heavy load, by putting 50-100 pounds more than your gonna actually squat on the bar and un-racking it, to feel it out, it will make your actual weight feel lighter on your back and you will be able to mentally attack the task better. I do this technique on my max lift days when I’m trying for a new 1rm, works well for me.

alright sweet, thanks man. How should I prepare the night before?

ZMA(30-45 mins before the rest) fish oil, protein, carbs, good night sleep. Get your head ready and know that you’ll do this. The creatine may help(not much to tell the truth) and N.O. Explode could help, however it’s all up to your personal situation. Taking energy supplements sometimes “overpsyches” me for a PR. Know thyself. If a supplement genuinely helps you get into the mental and physical state to break your own records, then by all means take them. If it seems to make you jittery/unsure/anxious, then maybe you should stick with a more relaxed state. Again, know thyself. Notes: I haven’t competed but have decent standing in regards to lifting stats. Take my shit with a grain of salt. But it is still there.

just eat, dont get all fussed down in all that kinda shit dude. I am by far now experinced lifter in terms of my total, infact i havnt even totalled 1000lbs so im a big noob and by all rights you shouldnt even listen to me. But dave tate once said in a video " just make sure you eat your breakfeast and go enjoy the fucking meet". same logic can apply.

do a heavy unrack wait a minute or two, prepare anus and squat your 540 which you will by all means get and i expect a video to be posted of your lift so i can say congratulations.

by far not an experienced lifter is what i meant to say lol.

Do the same things you did for 520.

after this, you can experiment with supplements and other shit to see if it helps you out (in ISOLATION before you start stacking a bunch of shit). Until then, go with what you’ve always done.

The unracking a heavier bar will help, though. If you get anything out of ammonia (some people don’t),go ahead and take a huge whiff of that.

Editorial note: If you haven’t been on creatine, it’s stupid to think that it’ll help an hour before or the day before. You need to be on it for several weeks for it to saturate enough to have an effect. same thing with ZMA… yes, it helps with recovery, but it’s not something you’ll notice until two weeks or so into it.

ZMA and jerk off the night before.

The morning of, don’t jerk off, eat a shit-load of white rice and soy sauce for a sweet belly bloat, and listen to this song right before you lift:

Taking creatine the day before won’t be like taking a bunch of halo, but it’ll help swell his muscles up with water which will help improve leverages. OP, I’d be careful about cramping from the creatine if you’ve never used it before. “Never try out something new on competition day” and all that…

Good luck


That is all

Some guys approach their lifts by going crazy, face slapping, yelling, etc. But you say you’re really nervous. I’m also sensitive to anxiety, and have to calm down and focus before lifting.

A good way to calm down is to talk with other people before the lift. Nothing special, just socialize. Friends, family, coach, it doesn’t matter. I think that’s one of the reasons meets bring out the best in everyone - the comraderie, the encouragement, the friendship. It’s an amazing sport, everyone’s pulling for each other.