How Do I Prepare For An 8K Race?

I ran into an old flame of mine today. I asked her out, and she said she really wants to go on an 8k race next Saturday.

I have 1 week to prepare for it. I’ve been working out trying to get back in shape. I’ve dropped from 240 to 220, and I know I’ve gained some muscle weight for sure. My workouts have consisted of the b-e-a-u-tiful combo lifts everyone suggests and doing intervals on my punching bag.

The intervals are 2 minutes on and 1 to 1.5 minute breaks, and I really get at it hard with all kinds of punches and kicks. I can get about 20 minutes including breaks before getting too tired to continue.

I eat real clean, but would love to hear any nutrition advice too. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands this next week because I have four tests, but I know I can still get in what is suggested.

What’s the best way to prepare…thanks in advance.

A week out go run a few times early in the week but dont kill your self then just mentally KEEEP going the day of.


There’s not much you can do in one week. Maybe run a 5k once or twice and do it early in the week as Phill said.

You may want to drink a cup of black coffee and take around 10g of BCAAs half an hour before the race. It seems to work for me.

Just have fun.

A week out?

  1. Make sure your shoes and socks fit well and work properly.

  2. Make sure you get plenty of sleep.

  3. Go for a couple of short runs to focus on form.

  4. Pray :slight_smile: - or meditate, whatever works for you to get you in the right frame of mind. I firmly believe that any healthy adult can finish a half marathon without any special training. It’s just really unpleasant so most don’t want to. For most non elite athletes, the mind quits well before the body.

  5. Eat lots of carbs, and drink a glucose sports drink during the hour or so before the race - drink water whenever you get the chance during it too deyhydration wrecks more people than exhaustion.

  6. Have fun. It’s much easier to stick with something if it’s fun.

Is this really a race for time? Or is it for the sake of participation? Because if it’s the prior, you can start mentally preparing for embarrassment, because I can tell you as someone who runs 20k’s periodically and 12k’s three times a week, it’s going to take a whole lot more than a week. Especially at 220lbs.

If the latter, you’ll want to not only do a few days of sprints and a few days of slow, distance running… but also other forms of calisthenics to get your frame and tendons used to moving that weight at speed. What if you don’t? You’ll be in too much pain to finish half-way.

Everything kiwinomad has just said is great advice. Only I disagree with the last half of #5. 8k isn’t really long enough to worry about dehydration, and taking in too much water is going to make you cramp. I’d cut off water a half-hour out before the race, but make sure to drink plenty of it 7 days out.


I am really sensitive to dehydration, a naturally sweaty person, and find that drinking water cools me down which makes me feel fresher. So yeah, you may not want to drink a lot (I think I read somewhere that 200 ml per 20 minutes is about the rate the body loses water under “normal” exercise conditions - ie moderate cardio I assume)