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How Do I Make it Work?


Ok I work in corrections (12 shifts in prison). I'm a DI in a boot camp. My work days are as follows:

Week 1 Mon work Tues work Wed Off Thurs off Fri work Sat Work Sun Work
Week 2 Mon off Tues off Wed work Thurs work Fri off Sat off Sun off
then it repeats.

I do 5/3/1 in a perpetual rotation. Week 2 I do not train 3 days in a row. But id you look I go 3 days without training. On work days training is pretty much impossible unless I get a little PT with the inmates. I want to gain weight and build up my conditioning. In the summer I play nose tackle on a full contact semi-pro football team. How can I bring this all together? I want to be big, strong, and conditioned. Season starts in spring.

Your thoughts guys. Thanks


I would do a 2-day variation. Check out page 62 of the Beyond 5/3/1 book if you have it. Your schedule should fit that just fine. Sometimes you might have an extra day of rest, or sometimes you might only have 1 day in between sessions.

When you have two days off in a row, you can train one day and condition the other. Just make sure that with the conditioning that you aren't serving two masters, meaning it will be hard to gain size and increase your conditioning at the same time. Gain some quality size for 12-16 weeks, and then build your conditioning leading into the season.

Jim posted an article by Stan Efferding called "You Don't Grow In The Gym". Read that and apply it for your size-gaining block.

Good luck!




The only problem I see is when on the week I only get two days off, and they are in a row. I will need to do like 5/3/1 bench and rep oh press, then 5/3/1 squat and rep deadlift. And then alternate it the next two days off. Sound good?


That sounds fine. Training two days in a row will be tough sometimes, but you'll have plenty of time for recovery and mobility work in between 2-day blocks. Let us know how it turns out.


See that fucker playing drums? That's the drummer in the band I'm in.

Also,, he speaks the truth on this subject. Just do the A/B option. And so what if you train 2 days in a row. I think you might be strong and tough enough to do that....right?


I'm training two days in a row and its working good. PRs both days! Life is good.