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How Do I Maintain Weight but Lose Body Fat?


this all obviously revolves around nutrition, but is this possible? i have until august, when camp starts(i play tailback for div 1 school), so i have time. but right now i weigh 214 with 8% body fat. is there a way to get to 8-7% body fat and still be 210ish? i appreciate any input/advice.

ps: precision nutrition?? legitimate? worthy?


'refined physique transformation' - by Christian Thibodeau


you want to lose 1% of bodyfat, or about 2-3 pounds, while maintaining lbm, by AUGUST?!? forget it man, it just aint gonna happen...

seriously though, keep your diet the same and add a HIIT day once a week. Sprints or some kind of circuit would do the trick. Should be VERY doable.


i mistyped, right now i am 14% body fat...




Fist, what school?

I have to know who I am giving advice to... not really.

Yes, this is possible. I wouldn't shoot for 8% though. I think 10% would be better especially if you are going to be toting the rock 20+ x per game.

There are tons of programs that on here that will help.

Look into Chad Waterbury's 10 x 10 and Dave Tates Triology programs. If you keep the diet right, train with weights/sprints, etc you should not have to tought of a battle.

I am around 14 - 15% now and plan on getting to 10% or less over the next 12-15 weeks.


to maintain weight but lose fat you would have to replace every pound of fat lost with a pound of lean tissue. in other words, not gonna happen. sorry


What? that's very possible.


So a shade over 10 ls. lbm and drop 10 lbs. fat by August?

It's possible but not likely. If you are willing to go to the darkside it should not be a problem. If you want to stay clean it will be very tough unless you have been eating like shit and not training hard up til now. If that's the case, then a clean diet and consistent training will get you there.

Just depends. But even if you don't hit that mark, it doesn't mean you shouldn't pursue it and get as close as you can. In your offseason, I'd add the mass first. You can slap on 15 lbs. lbm in 4-5 months if you train smart and eat like it is your job. You will also get fatter. Then I'd hold my condition for a month or so and gradually scale back the calories. Then I'd cut heading into camp.

Probably the quickest way to go about it.


Given the amount of time you have, I think your best bet is to put on muscle (weight) and lose in the final 2 months or so. When putting on muscle you should really focus on some sort of hypertrophy program but I'm not sure if that's possible with your current (athletic) schedule. If that works, I can see how you could put on 15 pounds with little change in bodyfat percentage and then lose about 15-20 in 2 months. Both are possible to do if you're strict with your diet and I assume you would be.

I also think you should look into refined physique transformation by CT like someone else mentioned.

The only time I lost bodyfat and gained muscle while staying at the same weight was when I did EDT and ate (a lot) for maintenance. This was because I hadn't done that kind of a short-rest-period training in a while. However, i certainly didn't lose 7 percent bodyfat, so I don't know if you can use that all the way.

With enough commitment and smart nutrition, it is doable, so just keep focused.


Don't mean to hijack the thread but you all point out some very good info. My question though, is it the maintaining weight and dropping BF that is hard to do? I want to lose a considerable mount of BF before July and am not worried about muscle loss, well at least not gaining muscle but trying hard to keep what I have.

The OP wants to lose about 7% is that what is not possible in this time frame if it were what I wanted? I need to lose a bit more then that in fact. I am following the PN nutrition program for my diet and BFS by Nate Greene for my training. I am in my second week of the Winter phase. Thanks for your help everyone.


A perfect 1:1 ratio is probably out of reach, but he said he's willing to lose a few pounds overall. Figure to get to 8-10% he'll need to lose about 10-12 lbs of fat if he weighed in at 210, meaning he'd also need to gain about 5lbs of muscle. A 2:1 ratio should be doable, especially given the time available.

So then you gotta decide: do a traditional mass phase followed by a cut, or try to do both at once. For the latter, read the physique transformation articles by CT and Shugart. Waterbury also has a program called "the 10/10 transformation" which is designed to lose 10 lbs of fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle, but i get the feeling its aimed more at newbies to the iron game. From my understanding he does 2 or 3 week cycles of cutting then gaining repeated a few times.


losing BF and maintaining lbm is very doable, especially given smart supplementation (BCAAs) and proper nutrient timing. however, trying to GAIN while losing BF becomes alot harder. Your key there would be maximizing the peri/post workout window to try and stimulate as much muscle growth as possible, and keep restricted calories the rest of the time. Its possible, but you're probably better off just gaining and cutting or vice-versa.