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How Do I Maintain Strength?

I was a rock climber who never really lifted. In December I got a bad injury and couldn’t do anything for six weeks. I couldn’t climb even after that six-week period so I figured let’s get strong because I never did anything before climbing and was a weakling (still am by T-nation standards, just less of one…)

I ran Starting Strength for four months and got a lot stronger. I’m also healed up enough to start climbing again. The plan for now is to get back into climbing and lift twice a week to maintain strength. What are your recommendations for maintenance? Should I just run the standard SS sessions and not change the weight? Or do I need to re-consider set/rep schemes? Is twice a week enough for maintenance?

I am clueless on the matter. All thoughts are appreciated.

If climbing is your priority and lifting is just something you do for funsies, then I would assume you don’t really want to gain any more weight, correct?

Regardless of the above, you can afford to keep it pretty simple. I assume that most people here will suggest changing from SS to a 5/3/1 template (there are two-days-per-week variants of 5/3/1) and I would probably echo that advice, but the truth is that you’ll do fine as long as you keep showing up and hitting your main lifts. Good luck!


Eat at least caloric maintenance with probably no less than .75 but preferrably 1g protein/lb.

Lift each body part twice a week 2-3 sets for squats bench ohp deadlift and id suggest rows and chins/pulls. As long as you keep the same intensity (weight on the bar) you’ll preserve. There’s a 2/3rd principle that says you can get away with cutting back to 2/3 the normal amount of sets/reps you ordinarily do on a cut as long as diet and intensity are on point. Lyle mcdonald published it. So you can google it if you want.

If all you really want is maintenance once a week is fine even, heavy deadlift and press variation for 5x5 and then couple of shoulder prehab and beach lifts of your choice and you’re golden

I would say try madcow 5x5 but spread out to just 2 days a week is a good choice -by accident people report getting a lot stronger without getting much bigger if they do it on a normal diet/maintenance calories.
SS you need to eat on a significant surplus just to recover let alone continually hit the requisite reps and your scale weight will go up fast

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just lift at like 50% 2 times a week for every body part and youll maintain

Do I need to buy the e-book for that? Is it in the original 5/3/1 or beyond 5/3/1 book that has that outline?