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How Do I Lower My Testosterone


So I have to go get my lab work done in 2 days for my testosterone (Blood work). Does anyone know of any way to lower it by then. Would dhea help, etc.? Thanks for everyones help


If you are talking about lowering natural levels... then you could...

Stay up most of the night before
Get trashed
Smoke weed
Lots of cardio the day of, before you go in for the test

But thats retarded. Go get the test done, see where it really is.

If you are talking about lowering levels because you have been injecting testosterone, that will be determined by the halflife of the drug, so nothing that I know of you can really do


If you're trying to get a low level:
Get some Tagamet (Cimetidine) or the generic of it and take 200mg every 2 or so hours before your test. Consume a lot of caffeine and water, do as much exercise as possible, get trashed drunk the nights before. The Cimetidine will lower all of your androgens (Test, Dht, Estrogen, etc), as part of the side effect of it's nastiness, better than any drug I know of. I've done it myself and lowered my test score by around 450 if I remember right.


Will taking cimetidine show up on your blood tests. Is there any way the doc can tell that you took it?


If you take cimetidine will the blood tests show it? Is there any way the Doc can tell you took it through the blood tests?


Are you being tested for all drugs or only testosterone ? The test that is in your system all ready can only be "used up" quicker, heavy workouts, maximize androgen usage in the body.

Continue to eat normally and drink water, lots of water. Keep metabolism elevated is key.


Only blood work done is to see if and why testosterone level are low. I was wondering if doctor (GP/urologist/endo) would know something was fishy if you loaded up on cimitedine?


has anyone tried did the dr pick up on anything please answer taking test very shortly


has anyone tried did the dr pick up on anything please answer taking test very shortly


If you want to lower your levels temporarily so that they will be low enough to qualify you for TRT then just do exactly what BigSkwatta told you.


I'm gonna be honest with you I have a year clean I would rather not use drugs would tagemet work thanks


Ive used tagements I dont think it did much. Ive also cut sleep, ate junk food, & drank booze the day before. It only droped my test a small bit. Once I laid around all week poping pain pills and eating shitty food my test was dog shit when I got tested. I always try and take the blood test as late in the day as possible cuz t levels drop as day goes on.


Did tour balls hurt after taking tagamet i took a lot my nuts hurt thank you