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How Do I Lose a Lot of Weight?


Alright so im weighing in around 195 right now and the lowest I can get down to is about 180lbs, but I can't really sustain it. Also, at that point I feel very weak, tired, and I am constantly hungry.

It would behoove me to weigh in the 160ish range though because I could do lots of running without killing my knees, shins, and ankles, it would also be nice to do lots of body weight movements with ease.

How do I do this right so I don't feel like Im dying?


Impossible to make any good recommendations without more information.

For example, what is your current body fat percentage?

What type of training are you doing?

What is your daily calorie, carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake?

Is being a better runner your ultimate goal? (If so, a running site may be more appropriate)

There's nothing wrong with wanting to run and perform body weight exercises, but it's not what this site is about.


body fat % is probably around 15%. I can see the top 2 rows of abs and ribs.

my log: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/potatofaces_log

i don't know I just eat and when I try to lose weight I eat less.

Being better at running is my main goal but I enjoy strength training.


You'll need to figure this out if you're serious about getting, and staying, leaner.

Start tracking what you eat at fitday.com.

Without knowing what you consume on a daily basis, you're just guessing, and there's no way to develop a serious program around that.

These are two somewhat conflicting goals in that you likely won't be able to improve each at the same time for very long. At best, you'll be able to maintain one while improving the other, so you'll need to keep this in mind when setting goals.


I use to train for long distance running while trying to lift weights. It never worked out, the harder I worked at gym the more "ripped" I got but size was never an option because to get "stronger" that has to be your focus.

Running is good and fun but if that is what you want then go look at the crossfit section of the website but if you want to get bigger and lift some weights then your going to have to pull running back a bit and use it primarily just for cardio when you need to...


I don't lift to get ripped or big, i just like strength training

I don't like certain unhealthy things crossfit advocates(throwing up, high rep olympic lifting, spotting on olympic lifts, etc.)


If you are indeed at 15%BF then your lean body mass is 165.75lbs.

To get to 160 you would need to drop all your bodyfat and almost 6 lbs. of muscle.

It might be better for you to focus on eating a clean healthy diet, train hard, have fun and let SAID do it's job. Don't worry about numbers but just be healthy, fit and strong.


read some Berardi articles