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How Do I Look?

do i look?i need work def on my legs and my chest…


welllll we cant really tell now can we? better poses and a leg shot needed

more pics needed

thats a pretty gay star on your arm


[quote]Defekt wrote:

with a user name like that… definately, not even a good troll job either, lazy troll

[quote]shizen wrote:
thats a pretty gay star on your arm[/quote]

Yeah but look at those abs!

[quote]iamgreat187 wrote:
do i look?i need work def on my legs and my chest…[/quote]

Next Mr. Olympia right there folks. Voted 10.

Lance Bass is the first thing that comes to mind.

least creative troll. period.


Not even the trolls put in the effort around here any more.


I think I’ll take up knitting.

why does everyone seem to be doing that stupid pose, it dosent show anything except abs and some rib definition.

im giving a 1 for the stupid pose and the overall shitty’ness of this post!

Is your shower head one of those sputtering ones chix use to female wank?

Helio? What a twat.

Great Quads bro keep it up!
Maybe in a year or two you can post it on myspace.

brutal haha, your pic shows dick all except your little avril lavigne tattoo

i love the fact he hasnt responded…

and the title is “how do i look”

hes obviously going for “o ur so dreamy” answers from the chicks on here, and the “fuck ur built” reponse from the guys.

get that tatt lasered then hit the gym!

You have the body of a…

wait for it…