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How Do I look So Far?

Just wanted to get your guy’s feedback.

This is a pic of me from the front.

like a 12 year old.

just kidding
but really ya like a 12 year old

how long have you been doing what your doing and what are you doing.

Front Again

And my back.

even more so like a 12 year old with the nintendo under-roos

please go eat please

[quote]nichaaron wrote:
like a 12 year old.

just kidding
but really ya like a 12 year old

how long have you been doing what your doing and what are you doing.[/quote]

2 months…mainly compound movements.

[quote]nichaaron wrote:
even more so like a 12 year old with the nintendo under-roos

please go eat please[/quote]

I fucken weigh 180…and am 6’1 and currently 15 years old.

Dude, don’t post a pic until you have something to show. Right now you have nothing. Lift and eat hard for a year then post a pic ONLY if you’ve gained at least 20lbs.

I have actually gained 20-26lbs…

Okay then, you need to gain 40 more 'cause you still look like a skeleton.

[quote]JerryRicePwns wrote:
nichaaron wrote:
even more so like a 12 year old with the nintendo under-roos

please go eat please

I fucken weigh 180…and am 6’1 and currently 15 years old.[/quote]

Your 15 and have nintendo boxers?

Listen im 15 too im new to the game and have made impressive gains
But im not going to post pics. Ya im proud off myself and you should be proud of your gains too but pics are for people who…
A. Have made a huge physical change(size,fatloss) and have before and afters.
B. Your big, you look big and scary. Little kids see you and start crying.

Just trying to be helpful.

Also id say eat, eat a lot.
Eat Big/Lift Big/Get Big

No point in being mean about it.

You’re 15, your underwear hang out above your shorts… you’re on a site where people lift Hard with compound movements. You’re doing that, and eating plenty of all the right foods, right?

Cuz if you’re not eating enough protein, you won’t grow… read a lot here, ok?

The articles are good. Dr Jon Berardi is awesome. I wish I’d been on this site when I was even 25!! Much less 15!

Grow ~ lift ~ learn ~ enjoy


dude ,relax I was just rippin on you
I am not the only one tha twill

if you want to throw number around we can do tha tall day
hell im 29 I weigh between 290 and 300 I am 5’8" tall and I bench press more than you weigh. proabaly about as much as you weigh plus what you bench.and I am fat and weak
see how meaningless that is.

the fact is that you have lifted 2 months you have no muscle at all,when i was 15 I was and I have seen kids on here that are 15-16 that are ripped.
you are playing in a big boys playground when you choose to lift weights and come around here.

eat as much as you can (nice clean theres plenty diet tips here) lift heavy get plenty rest and stay away from the bad stuff
stress mainly that shit will kill you faster than anything else I know.

your starting off good by wanting to lift just keep a good attitude and dont think you are holier than thou or things can be very miserable for you very fast

those are my tips take it how you want

Make sure you get a balanced workout, too. Don’t be a curl monkey.

Don’t let ego get in your way. We ALL have a lot to learn, and the sooner you admit you don’t know something, the faster you can learn it.

One of the most important things my Dad ever taught me: You don’t have to KNOW the answer to EVERY question as long as you know where to FIND the answer to ANY question. T-Nation is a great source for answers.

Whenever someone makes fun of you, don’t let it get you down. Just remember it next time you train. Use it.

you want some honest thoughts on your physique?
(if not, don’t continue reading):
-chest: your pecs look completely empty. Just a bunch of loose skin here…
-shoulders: just bone here.
-arms: these look like the thickest of what we have seen…
-back: again, nothing going on here.
-legs: i can only imagine…

lift heavier… surprise yourself. just throw some more weight on there next time you are at the gym… it won’t kill ya!
and, eat more. start keeping a food log… write down everything you eat, and set goals for yourself about daily intake of calories, protein, carbs, and good healthy fats.
have you read a bunch of articles on this site?

6’-1" and 180?

Me too man.

But I’m at like 11% bf.

see any pics me up yet? nope. b/c i’m not done.

anyways onto your critique.

it looks like you just found the gym in april; congrats. no sarcasm, i’m glad your 15 and started hitting the gym…be smart, get perfect (notice i didn’t say ‘good’) form in everything you do.

get some defined goals. loss fat (you don’t need to do that), gain size, have an XXXlb bench/squat/deadlift etc… or just look better neked; your call. find a goal, tell us; do your reading and listen to some of the people here…not all of them. hell, don’t listen to me if you don’t want to.

about the pictures: 100% honesty man…you don’t look strong at all. yes, you don’t look like a fatass; step one completed. dont’ post any more pictures for a long time; please. i have been taking progress shots of myself since i was a sophmore in college; but keep them to myself. they are a great way to monitor progress for sure.

if you just gained a bunch of weight; man you must been little. but anyways; it was probably a puberty growth spurt. so you probably got a bit taller and filled out your waistband a bit; but probably didn’t gain all that much muscle. this is where your diet and training come into play.

eat alot of protien, limit the carbs, dont’ be afriad of fats and keep an eye on the junk/crap food. at 15 i’m not saying you should be as much of a food nazi as i am (and a bunch of us); be a kid…enjoy life…but have goals.

continue to grow, lift, work hard and don’t be a pussy. go. lift.

you dont look like you have ever lifted a weight in your life. give it 3-4 years and youll get there dont rush it.

You need a goal! Your are only 15. Do you want to play a sport? do you want to powerlift? bodybuilding?

We can not truly help you out if you dont first list your goals. Once you provide that can we only wonder your reasoning for posting a pic.

Word to the wise on taking pictures.

Take them at the level of your body, don’t put the camera on a table and point it up at your body.

have someone take pics of yourself.