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How Do I Look Overal?


I'm trying to get back in to shape after a tough bout with mono. I lost 20 lbs of muscle and gained 20 lbs of fat but I think I'm starting to make a little progress.


Glad to hear you're getting better.

Please check:



please read this before posting a meaningless photo that doesnt meet the criteria


You look like a guy who can't spell "overall".


Overal? You look sick and weak. So stop kissing my girlfriend so you don't get sick again. Hang in there and do the work.


You look like you are having trouble with your camera. Is it a new one or you are plain slow?


I'd say "overal" you look like a guy who can't follow the thread rules, while looking oddly perplexed at his new cell phone with what(due to the angle)appears to look like a gimp right hand.

But on a side note, do you workout or something?


These guys are harsh for a reason look at the rules then comeback. Even if you have other required pics I feel rating will not change much. Keep the facebook pics there, put in a solid year in the gym and table then comeback and see if you can get a 5-6 for an above average gym rat.


shit you have a big forehead


you look like you're disgusted with whatever you see on your phone.


These username suicides by posting are awesome. Since it was his first and propably last post with that username, I call it a troll. Funny face expression and hand position though.


campest hand position ever. good work.


I like everything about this post.

1: member since 2002, post count 5
2: your 'insult' involved the OP kissing your own girlfriend? what?
3: your 'insult' also involved your girlfriend being sick/probably a whore? wut?

A comparable insult would be something along the lines of "Your mama's so fat, she had sex with me!"

the internet is weird.


Creepy avatar is that you?




lol made me laugh :smiley: also taking invisible dog for a walk :smiley:

one day i will post in this section just for the lols


are you asking if my avatar is me? Why would it not be me?


O my bad I ment steel horse