How Do I Know I'm Gifted for Arm Wrestling?

What things should I look for that would make me a genetically gifted armwrestler? Long arms, short arms?

If you’re winning arm wrestling matches without much training, you are gifted for it.


This is one of the greatest thread titles I’ve seen in a while.

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Being really good at pullups is a good indicator.

Oh wait…


One step away from calling it…


I thought this was rhetorical, or would be answered with some swagger by the OP.

Like “How do I know I’m gifted at arm wrestling?”.


But no. It’s not like that at all, is it?


What is the sound of one arm wrestling?


If it’s Jeff Goldblum, a crunch would be the answer.

I am decent at pullups, oh wait for what??

Do you really not know what I could’ve meant by that?


How do you know you’re decent at pull-ups when you can’t get a pull-up bar and can’t find any way to do them without one?



Was not expecting so absurd an image and thus spewed my tea everywhere. Well done, sir.

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It’s nice to be appreciated.


Sounds like to me someone can’t keep their bullshit straight you think?


This… in the sixth grade I was able to draw or beat kids far larger than me in arm wrestles. Me being like 4’10 and 75lbs beating kids who were like 5’10 140lbs (we had this one kid who was a giant, ended up being like 6’6). It’s always been that way, which is strange as my hands are tiny, my father is also particularly good at arm wrestling. Unfortunately my rotator cuffs can’t take the strain involved and I end up with a very painful shoulder complex for days if I decide to arm wrestle someone

I DO get beaten every now and then, but it’s typically by those far, far, far bigger than I am (say guys with huge hands who are like 6 foot plus)

But take a kid my height and weight and chances are 80%+ of the time I will beat him in an arm wrestle without training for such movement

It’s one of the few athletic endeavors I can actually be proud of… that and like, boxing/martial arts, but I haven’t done martial arts or boxing for a while (not since I was about fourteen), did karate from ages 7-14 and boxing from 13-14. Always think about getting started with a martial art again (preferably Krav Maga) I feel it would be good for self confidence and generally feeling secure in unknown environments

Guy from my state (MN) who I have met a couple of times (very nice dude), was a high level arm wrestler without doing really any sort of training for it. All genetics, and man is he freaky. I think he wears a size 31 wedding ring, and has the craziest arms without training I have ever seen.

Look up Jeff Dabe if interested. If you look like this you should have a good idea that you will be good at arm wrestling.

does the guy in the pic suffer from acromegaly? Also I don’t think a size 31 ring exists, avg ring size is like between 6-13, so does he have fingers the size of normal hands?

Every time he touches his dick I bet he sheds a tear.

Probably smaller than his 9” pinky.


I know he has a medical condition. I am not sure what it is called. He has had it since birth. Look at the hands on him as a baby.


As for the ring, I believe he started out wearing one of his wife’s bracelets on his finger, He did get a custom ring made eventually.


I know he was a really good arm wrestler in the 80s. I believe he had a cameo in Over the Top. He blew out his right elbow, and now uses his left arm (which is smaller). His feet are different sizes as well. I think one foot is a 16, and the other is 21.