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How Do I Know if My TRT Dose is Too High/Impacting Me Negatively?

My simple timeline of protocol since May:

100mg test cyp/week 12 weeks
1500 iu/week HCG Mono
160mg test cyp/week last 4 weeks

I started 80mg test cyp every 3.5 days (160mg/week)4 weeks ago after discontinuinh 1500iu/HCG Mono which didn’t do crap for me.

The only advantage I notice of 160mg test vs 100mg

-Faster strength gains

I feel crappy and irritable possibly down or numb all the time. Kind of reminds me when I had the ‘flu’ on my only cycle I did back in 2012 which was 500mg/12 weeks.

I also take .125mg anastrozole twice per week.

Check SHBG - Low SHBG men feel out of whack on higher doses something to do with insulin resistance and throwing off thyroid. Also any new protocol give ur about 6 weeks for body to stabilize before judging it

You’re just now at 4 weeks when the changes start mentally and physically. Follow up labs are usually taken 4-6 weeks after a new protocol. Take those and report back. E2 is always my culprit.

I see success when your dose makes you not need an AI.
Ai has side affects especially if you over respond to it.

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That’s a good indicator.

This particular follow up is at 3 months. Should I check E2 anyways in a couple weeks?

SHGB=26.5 nmol/L range is 16.5-55.9

according to last lab from lapcorp which was 10/11/18

You’re on the lower end your body might possibly be urinating your T before it can build up properly. Try going EOD shots and throw some DIM+CDG in there clear away excess estrogens this helps me a lot when I get high e2 symptoms irritability etc. Most importantly BE PATIENT - take a look at my older threads freaking out 2 weeks in about all the same things you’re stating, things WILL level out but you have to be patient this is a VERY delicate system we are taking under our own hands the body needs time to adapt, until then learn to deal with the rollercoaster ride with adaptgens like Ashwagandha and use your conscious mind to avoid your emotions from taking over until things settle down in example when you feel like crap tell yourself rationally what is going on and that it will take time and not believe all the crazy shit that pops into your head (yea it really does get pretty nutty sometimes lol).

Check e2. Anastrazole and low e2 have nasty effects.

What is DIM+CDG?

I’m prescribed 80mg Test Cyp every 3.5 days.How much should I do EOD?
Should I just wait another couple weeks before doing EOD shots?

45mg EOD DIM helps to naturally metabolize excess e2

Ok so what does DIM and CDG acronyms stand for lol?

google it…

Is it similar to AI thought natural and safer ? (Side effect free)

Should I wait couple weeks before deciding to inject EOD

So I tried 45mg Test Cyp EOD starting Wednesday.

I missed last Friday’s workout but I noticed my strength today at gym for my Friday workout has got lower compared to 2 Fridays ago and before etc.

Does this have to do with lower Total Test levels due to experimenting the switching from 80mg every 3.5 days to 45mg EOD?

Thanks for your suggestion and take care!

I noticed strength change as well on EOD I’m not too sure what it’s all about it could be less E since E would cause water retention in muscle and raise strength that way.

Testosterone levels are not the only thing that determine how strong you feel on a given day. If it becomes a trend, then it is something to look at.

I’ve noticed a trend on the day of the shot my strength and energy is super high then fades out by the next day, it’s been this way for weeks.

This happens to me as well, appetite also increases and then levels off after starting a new protocol. It could also mean your levels are swinging.

I thought this too before someone on here mentioned it takes 24-48 hrs for test to “kick in” so I thought it was placebo.