How Do I Know a Good Quality Protein Powder?

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Just wondering what people look for in a good quality protein powder? An example below of some nutritional info from a local brand produced near me but after years of ingesting the stuff I really don’t know what I’m looking or.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you

I wouldnt overthink this…at all…


Just buy Metabolic Drive.


Honestly I’ve always just gone with flavor. Any brand that says 1 scoop is north of 30g protein is probably full of shit though.

I like Dymatize Elite Whey personally (don’t get their iso100 because it tastes like ass (in a bad way)), and always their chocolate flavor… it is delicious.

But I will say that Metabolic Drive is actually a solid protein powder and tastes good as well (non-obligatory).

One other thing to watch out for is if they have 0% fat… I have a hard time believing in any protein powder that has NO fats at all in it, plus I believe it helps with absorption (someone yell at me if this isn’t true).

Casein is proven to be better all around as a protein powder, but it is tough to slam a casein shake whereas a whey shake goes down like water. As said above though, most of the time these are over-analyzed.


I was doing the same until I realized how bad for you some of the ‘great tasting’ protein mixes are. I now use ISOpure Zero Carb exclusively. Tastes decent for zero carb.


Can you give more details on this? I’ve been catfished by protein before where there was hidden carbs and fats and all that, but I’m curious if there’s more to it that I don’t understand

This is my strategy with supplements in general – I just buy everything I can from Biotest.

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Sure. For example I used to love BSN Syntha 6. Tasted amazing and I never really looked much at anything other than protein before. I was never into nutrition until a couple years ago when I started tracking macros, calories, etc. Here is Isopure Zero Carb vs BSN Syntha 6. Its easy to see the calorie, cholesterol, carbs/sugars, and protein difference per serving. Tell me which is better for you and easier to fit into a macro plan.


I understand. I thought you meant “healthy” as in some hidden ingredients or something, not the macro counts. I too have been carb-fished by protein powders

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Are you trying to tell me my ghost Oreo and chips ahoy cookie protein powder isn’t the best source of protein out there? Because I’m having a hard time believing that :joy:

I bought some new stuff today whilst supporting local, never heard of it and it was damn $80!!! Doesn’t taste that great. I’ll post up what it was when o get home as i forgot.


Look at your scoop size vs the grams of protein. If your scoop is 30 grams and your getting 20g of protein that’s around 30% stuff other than protein per scoop. :-1:t2:


Back in the day when I was looking at threads on bodybuilding dot com, it seemed like whenever a really developed individual appeared, someone would comment that they were on “dat dere cell tech”. Must be pretty good stuff, most of these guys looked sauced to the gills, but claimed cell tech.

Even Ronnie was on the Cell Tech haha.

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For protein I look mainly at ingredients, and the order in which they are listed. I like to see micellar casein very near the top, but I prefer the top.

I also expect to find ZERO soy!

This describes Metabolic Drive. I’m not worried about the small amount of carbs and fat per scoop that helps make up the delta between 21 grams of protein and the 30 gram scoop size.

Folks, protein powder should make up such a small portion of your overall nutrition that this much thought really doesn’t need to go into it.

I’m not going to discuss products from other companies while using a Biotest site, as that feels like poor form to me, but really, your protein should be coming from whole foods anyway to the point that whatever you pick will most likely be fine. I like stuff that tastes yummy and mixes well. I once bought some beef protein that was on discount at a mall, and despite it saying “rich chocolate” as the flavor, it DEFINITELY tasted like shredded beef jerky.


If it wasn’t so expensive, I would just use beef jerky as my protein and sodium supplement.

Why not just NON jerky meat?

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Convenience I guess. Jerky travels well and is more compact.

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Stateside, we have packets of tuna and canned chicken breasts. I have indulged in it quite often.

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TBH, I am very picky about tuna. Only like it prepared certain ways (seared). Canned chicken just seems wrong to me. A me issue for sure with both of these items.

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