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How Do I Increase My Squat?

I’m 6’3" currently at 195lbs and my lift numbers are driving me mad, since my squat and bench are literally the same, both at 225 lbs for 5 reps. I haven’t been particularly focused on upper body or skipping leg days, currently running Layne Norton’s PHAT, basically doing every bodypart twice a week, once in 3-5 range, once in 8-12. I want to bump up my squat but at the same time I don’t want to start skimping on upper body training. Although I am more hypertrophy oriented, upping the weight I lift is still important to me. What can I do to up my squat numbers?

How long have your been lifting and how old are you?

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I’d say up squatting to 4-6 times a week. Even if it’s just an empty bar. Shit…squatting was my worst lift when I started. Practice it and get better, like every lift.

Edit: And work on tightness and set up

Get better at squatting. That means figure out what’s wrong with your squat, and then figure out how to fix it.


Form video?

Without making a change to your program:

Always try to improve Squat Technique (can always be better). Lots of good vids on YouTube. Try this playlist

Move the bar with max possible speed thru full range while maintaining technique/compensatory acceleration

Make every single rep perfect/identical/clean and as fast as possible

Eat in a surplus to encourage muscle growth which increases potential force output

Consistency with the above

Many other options if you are willing to make changes to your program

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Biggest thing. Eat your 7" taller than me and almost the same weight.

Next squat more often.

Those two will do wonders


You’re way too skinny. You should be at least 225 at 6’3. Bulk up and your squat will increase.

Soz, forgot the most important thing

Put more weight on the bar and push harder?

You can hit 315/405/500 natty.

Id take that 405 bench lel but as soon as someone starts talking about squats

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Have you tried liear progression like stronglifts or starting strength offers. It does wonders imo

Is it a technical issue or a strength issue? If it’s technical, what goes wrong? If it’s strength issue, what is failing?

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