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How Do I Identify My Injury?


I feel like i strained a trap and some neck muscles on my left posterior upper back and neck. I don't know how to identify if its a strain, or a pull. I don't know if i should train through it or stop training.

I dont' know if its left from my last dead lift session or if i slept on it wrong.
I think it was a sleep related train. Temperature dropped, heat didn't turn on and i was exposed to temps as low as 35 and i think that could cause muscle problems.

Any help?


A pulled muscle is just a more severe strain. So either way you should actually stop training for up to 48 hours.


I expected a number of weeks.


Can you get at the spot with a lacrosse ball or theracane?

Is the muscle currently spasming? Unless a muscle is torn, it shouldn't need a number of weeks to quiet down; it's not like a cut that needs to heal in that respect.


I don't have a lacross ball, i'm currently waiting on two apples to freeze. No spasms.
(isn't a torn muscle like a cut)


if i hurt my trap, could i squat or dead lift. Just squat?