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How Do I Heal My Forearm?

last monday i did my back workout, then the next day i did my shoulder workout. a few hours after my shoulder workout i got this really stiff feeling in the bottom of my forearm (palm facing up) and its hard to grip things, plus i have some pain when i do things with my hands like typing. i went to a physical therapist on friday and by then the stiffness was gone but he tested my grip with a grip tester and i think that bothered it more. he said to use straps on back exercises that require grip and then buy something to improve my grip. its monday now and my arm keeps getting stiff and that weak feeling keeps staying for the whole day. what should i do to heal so i can bench friday?? someone please tell me something

theres a few other fore arm threads on here that are fairly recent. I had the same issue as one of them. you try checking out the ones that are already on here? maybe you’ll find someones thread with the same deal you have and maybe even a solution

where are these posts exactly? i just looked through like 30 injury posts and didnt see anything related to the forearm - what category?

On the injuries and rehab section, I think I personally started a thread and I’ve commented on two that were similar, and I’ve read a number of threads that aren’t. Maybe your overlooking them. One that seemed close to mine that I recall is titled middle of fore arm pain. There’s abunch of them on here that are fairly recent

Is the inside of the elbow the source? Have you done a lot of pull-ups recently?

I developed golfers elbow from pitching and doing pull-ups. The day after throwing I can’t hold onto to anything and it feels like carpel tunnel.

Best solution I’ve found is voodoo flossing.

Google “bucket of sand” exercises. Pitchers and wrestlers use them. Extension and flexion of the hand in the sand really works wonders for me.

ive just researched and i found out i have RSI - i have literally every symptom and everything they say bothers it is what bothers me, everything that doesnt bother it, i have poor posture, and yes i do pullups weekly - im wondering if i can weightlift with this… typing is making it worse and its hard to grip things when it gets bad

palm facing up - its the bottom left of my forearm

If I flip my palms up (supinated), bottom left can mean the outside or inside depending on which arm I’m looking at.

If your arms are supinated, is it the inside (towards your head) or outside (away from your head)??

my right arm bottom left and typing bothers it - im pretty sure its RSI since i have every symptom along with bad posture and tons of other things that show i DEFINITELY have it

it sounds very similar to my issue, same spot, but mine extends up to the mid forearm I’m not sure if yours does. mine mostly spiked from barbell curls but any excessive gripping would irritate it also. since I dropped barbell curls about a month ago its felt a lot better and more tolerable. just take some time try to source out things that make it spike and cut those out. I think they said mine was fds,finger digital something maybe idk I forget. but its basically the a form of rsi… mines been an issue since January so going on 7 months now… I’ve heard of peoples going away after 6 or so but mines still pretty tender. I’ve tried a lot of myofascial stuff, pressing the area into the edge of an arm chair hurt like a b**** but it was the only thing that would help, eventuate was temporary. dry needling, I had a lot of dry needling done and it also only helped temporarily.

yeah ill prob buy lifting straps but i hope i dont need to avoid bicep curls for to long since my biceps are already very weak

The only thing that they’ve told me that will help is to stop doing anything involving heavy gripping… however, its only BARBELL curls that make my arm flare up bad, it may be tender after a workout but it doesn’t spike up and feel like imbuing stabbed. I can still do whatever with dumbbells and its for the most part fine, its just barbell curls specifically.

I’ve used rice also, same concept