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How Do I Go About Approaching an Attractive Girl?


100% concur. This was one of my favorite articles on the topic

I feel like it should be required reading for all high school students.


With that attitude all the girls one thinks are 100% out of their league will be 100% of the time…

I’m not saying convince oneself that every girl will like them - accept some won’t be into it but some will of whatever “caliber” - It helps to really have a personality and interests/be interesting. More so than looks tbh. And a healthy sense of humor … bitches love to laugh


Ain’t that the truth. The way I like to think about it is that there’s millions of guys out there punching above their weight, so why can’t that be me?


That’s a good way to look at it – plus not all women like the same “type” of guy. There might be a smoke show out there to where you are her type…only way to find her is to talk to as many smoke shows as you can … just like honing a blade, one pass is never enough


Bruhhh the great Blahino never served in any conventional branch of the military. Why? -He was too lethal!!
Going down to Venezuela and taking out an ENTIRE CARTEL was like a quite tuesday for him…

(try get through any 20 secs without getting a bullshit headache. I double dare ya :upside_down_face:)


I genuinely wonder why you guys keep giving him views.


I’ve never watched a video of his and found out about him from reading this site. That said, I just made it through 4 seconds of that video. I’m shocked that people followed this guy.


Nope. Stolen valor is more than just a a catch phrase to me. I’m in a happy place with PTSD happily resolved (excepting fireworks displays) and I don’t want to get all wound up and end up fucking up my life by killing someone and fucking up my children by fucking up myself.

He can go pretend and I can ignore him.


Its like watching Dr. Pimplepopper videos.

Except that he’s disgusting.


Assuming you’re in the states, stolen valor should be more than a catch phrase to anyone. It’s a federal offense and it’s a joke that Blaha hasn’t been put away for this despite countless video evidence of him claiming to have served.

But then again, this is why he claims to have been a PMC and not part of any branch of military service.




Sadly the law has been declared unconstitutional unless the fake vet tries to get a government benefit—eg, VA benefits.




I can’t believe I’m this old and have to ask this and it’s going to sound like a humblebrag, but wtf.

You’re talking to a girl at a loud bar so you’re doing that, “taking-turns-directly-talking-into-one-another’s-ear” thing, and she alternates between pushing her boobs into your chest and resting them on your forearm…that’s all intentional, right?

After the seventh or eighth time I looked deep into her eyes, motioned her head closer, and asked if she was trying to steal my wallet. Because I only took my debit card, cash, and my license and was keeping them in my front pocket.where she couldn’t reach them.

She must’ve been a professional scam artist because she rolled her eyes and exhaled in recognition that I had busted her, then summoned an Uber (probably an accomplice in a getaway car) and drove off.


She was prolly coming onto you hard and you didn’t realize, and got mad and left when you pretty much blew her off/accused her of being a thief


Even that is amateur unless you include a shoe or a platinum VISA card for size reference.