How Do I Go About Approaching an Attractive Girl?

Homie, you’re far too serious for a 16 year old - you need to chill the fuck out

What kind of hobbies do you have? Because you need a couple more man –

In his defence, he’s so sexually frustrated:

which presumably means that a few sentences into the conversation he’s just snarling and being like "hurgghhh… nyurrggh…blow me… blow me!!!"

You can understand why he’d have a lot of pent up frustration, leading to internet forum aggression.


OK, I’ll rephrase. What, other than her being hot, makes you willing to be friends with her? This tells you the basis of a real relationship. If there is nothing there, leave her alone, or go about actually getting into her pants.

Regarding how to get into her pants, my previous post tells you exactly how to do it.

Be nice and respectful. Impress her with the power of your mind also.

Just to be clear, OP, this DOES NOT MEAN try to move shit with your mind in front of her. That’ll just turn her off more from your creepy ass…

And yes, The more I read through this thread and your responses, you are coming off as a creepy little dude…i find it weird how you seemngly need this young woman in your life IN ANY CAPACITY. It’s fucking creepy…


That’s some cold shit…

Half the responses you get will be really sound advice coming from years of experience. The other half will be dick jokes…Learn to interrupt which one is which.

That’s right, baby. And if she lost the straw to her juice box, well then fuck that, too!

In seriousness, pay-attention-to-the-friend-and-ignore-the-target approach, is easily the least risky and most successful approach to groups of girls. The not-as-hot girls are hungry for the attention and will interact.

An alternative on this same theme is to approach the hot girl and ask for her help on how to approach the not-as-hot girl. Tell her [hot girl] you think the girl [the wing girl] is really cute but you don’t know if you have anything in common, so you want to know about her.

You playin with fire here.

But in all honesty, this carries as much as risk as opening up to her about how you feel about her.

I wasn’t popular with girls in high school until much later on, and what worked for me was to go on social outings with a group of friends, usually taking the girl I was interested and/or a few of her friends out with me when I go. Getting too friendly/inappropriate with her friends wasn’t helpful.

If you spend time with her, it’ll show that you’re interested in her over time. And if you’re interest ing , she’ll be interest ed . But there’s always going to be a chance that she may not be into you for whatever reason.

Now…does he strike you as the interesting type??

Stick to the first approach OP

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Giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he could be really interesting and proficient in matters outside of lifting.

But then again, he thinks “puffy” muscles are gross, so I’m not surprised he has issues talking to girls.

@iamawesomedev you about to get mad as hell if you find out this girl can deadlift more than you :lol:


No need to approach if you can do this


I scored a hat trick of dick pic suggestion posts. I was tired of carrying you lazy bastards!

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Always have a mom joke ready.

“Neerrr you got rejected”
“I was tired of your mom’s blowjobs and thought I’d try someone new. Didn’t happen, I’ll just have to go back to your mom. At least I had the balls to ask, enjoy your hand tonight”

Sorted :sunglasses:

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There’s some research that says if you get someone to do something for you, anything, then theyll be far more likely to do things for you in the future.

If you have 10 pencils. You ask her for a pencil.
Then you break it and throw it out the window.
This will establish your high standards and her inability to meet them. It has also frames her as the giver.
Soon after this, you approach her and say thanks for the pencil (reestablish your position of power and her willingness to comply with your requests), it didn’t really work out (restate her failure). Instead of another pencil (acknowledge her efforts but state your loss of faith in her abilities), just blow me (give her the opportunity to make up for it).

This will work 9 times out of 10, if you’re Alpha enough.


You’ve got to let her know that you’re interested, but - and this is the most important part - that you wouldn’t give a shit if you never got her.

We don’t know what type of girl this is, so the ‘be mean’ or ‘ignore her’ or ‘just go for it’ type of approach could work, or it could blow up in your face - those are totally dependent on your target being the type of girl that responds well to that particular approach.

But most girls will find their common ground in the belief that a guy who is TOO interested is unattractive. You’ve got to play it cool, and you can’t jump at every opportunity you’re given to get to know her. She has to feel like there’s something worth knowing about you as well.

With all that being said, you’re crowdsourcing the internet for ideas on real-life social interaction. So you’re off to a pretty piss poor start.

  1. I was annoyed about the dick pic thing because that shit is illegal. I now accept that is just a joke.

  2. I do not need any girl in my life. I just noticed that before I hit puberty, I could talk very comfortably with this girl about most things, like a friend. However, starting junior year, I began to notice her physical appearance more and starting thinking “Wow she is so pretty.” That is what I mean by sexual thoughts.

  3. I am comfortable talking to most girls and guys. However, I keep judging myself when I talk to a girl I am interested in. I start to think whether or not what I am saying is stupid or not.

@SOUL_FIGHTER I don’t care if this girl can lift more than I can. Why should this matter? I am not competing in powerlifting against her.

Y’all need to calm down.


Same reason women generally like men that are bigger than them and eat more than them.

You’re not going to enter into an eating contest with your partner but you damn well better be sure you’re not eating a tiny salad whilst she is destroying 3 hotdogs.


How do I build up to asking her when she is alone? Should I hang out with her friends and get closer so that it is okay with her to talk with me alone? After that point, a good idea to go for it and ask her?

You mentioned that you guys are already friends and do groupwork together. Come up with an excuse to talk to her then. Start with some school related thing, them move on from them. Also, try making friends with her friends. If her friends think you’re cool, she won’t be embarrassed as long as you aren’t.

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