How Do I Go About Approaching an Attractive Girl?

the things that you say. Literally everyone reading this thread knows it but you…

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how about the time you asked me to give you an example of your shitty personality?


This entire thread?

scroll up

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this came off as creepy and it’s manipulative.

there is exactly one way to find out if you have a shitty personality, and that’s by other people telling you ‘hey man. you have a shitty personality’. And you have to trust them. See, the problem with asking for examples of things you said is that you will defend the things you said. Because it was you saying them. You will internally justify these things, you won’t be able to admit that everyone else is seeing the things you say in a much less favorable light than you see yourself.

But yea, what polo said. the entire fucking thread you come off like a person none of us would want as a friend, and you come off as someone who will not be able to land even a first date with an attractive girl. Internalize that, and fix yo self.

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These posts show your “know-it-all” trait. Not a terrible thing, but just sit back and learn at your age and training age. If you have such a desire to know what you don’t know, research stuff on your own based on what we’re directing you towards.

I think it was great that you looked up Pendlay Rows on your own, tried them, and asked us for suggestions.

This is my favorite though:

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yes, the other future incels. we get it.


Then that’s cool. You have good friends and should have already tried to approach this girl.

Thats all you got out of this?

“Hush your mouth sometimes and let them teach ya, that law”

Hooo-boy! Now this is a thread.


I am curious. Why is me stating my opinion make me a know-it-all? Why when anyone else here makes an opinion that is not the case?

Does everyone have a problem with the fact that I, as a beginner, am too arrogant?




I stay out of most topics, which is exactly why I post within Beginners. I feel like I’ve put in enough training time to share my experience with newer people. That’s also why you don’t see me questioning any approaches in other sections. (Although I am admittedly a natty elitist and need to stay away from TRT and Pharma topics).

When I do ask questions, I do my research before and after. Not saying you haven’t, but the solution to many of your training questions is to try it out for a some time and see how it feels.

To denigrate athlete’s physiques, especially bodybuilders physiques, on a forum that’s very bodybuilding focused is pretty disrespectful.

I personally don’t think you’re “creepy”, but I think in this image you’re the guy in red:


Stating your opinion on a topic you have no experience in is a silly thing. You are certainly entitled to that opinion, but sharing it tends to be a foolish choice. In much the same way I don’t share my very stupid opinions on nuclear physics.

And why oh why did you tag me in this trainwreck @SOUL_FIGHTER haha.


@iamawesomedev - I’d also recommend actually reading the things that are being pointed out with a critical lens. Ask yourself, how can this be perceived as being shitty? I mean brutal self reflection - put yourself in the shoes of another … it helps with personal growth - you’re young and you have a lot of personal growth ahead of your … might as well hone the skills needed now…

I was quoting you from a thread where he said the same thing you did in one sentence… except in 3 paragraphs.

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Oh no, I saw it, but then as a result I got a notification that led me to this, haha. I do remember that exchange though. It reminded me of “The Sun Also Rises”. Whole lotta reading to get back to where I started.

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@iamawesomedev for emphasis. This is great info, and I wish I woulda known some of this shit earlier. I been a mad know it all even after college and it affected my physique, career, and finances.

Thanks. Yeah I am the guy in the red because I am a math person, I approach everything in life like an equation I need to solve.