How do I get the taste out the mouth?

I have been a convert to liquid Flax oil for the last three months. No Flax oil at store on sunday so bought Fresh Liquid Cod Liver oil. Could mix flax oil into chocalate milk to drink, cannot do with fish oil. Anyone out there found something to mix fish oil with so i don’t taste it all day long??

I read somewhere at T-mag that cod is the worst kind of essential fat to use. I think it was in a Tom Incledon (or maybe John Berardi) article. Do a search. I’d use Udo’s and be done with it.

Personally, although I can’t say I enjoy the cod liver oil, likewise I have no problem with it. I just pour it down my throat and forget about it. Remember that it does a different job to Udo’s. I use both. 10ml Cod liver and 60ml Udo;s each day. John

The taste won’t go away. Pour the cod liver oil down the drain and add this to the list of things you’ll never do again. If you must supplement with oil, use canola or olive oil until you can replenish your supply of flax seed oil.

Guy walks into a bar, orders 6 shots of vodka. Bartender pours the drinks and says, “That’s a pretty tall order, son, what’s the occasion?” Guy says, “My first blow job.” Bartender says, “Way to go! In that case, the seventh shot’s on the house” and reaches for the bottle again. The guy waves him off and says,“Nah, if I can’t get the taste out of my mouth after six, I don’t think seven will make any difference.”

Hey buddy toss out the cod liver, just thinking about it gives me ulcers. I was dumb once to and tried some of that shit, my face turned green. I drink all other sorts of bad tasting shit and nothing compares to the nasty tast of Fish oil. Obviously you have an internet connection so why don’t you buy the flax online. Heres an idea for you, in the address box of your browser type if you type “buy flax oil” and press the submit button you will find some vendors that sell the shit online order strait to your house. Also, try Omega 3-6-9 Oil I take 2 tbsp of flax and 2 Omega 3-6-9 every morning when I’m training. Good luck Cod boy and next time use your head!