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How Do I Get the Biceps Peak?


What is the best way for someone to obtain that peak at the top of the biceps when flexing? Direct muscle work, compound movements, or something else. I've got decent size arms but when I flex there's just no peak. Maybe with a reduction in body fat I'll see it more?

Thoughts? Suggestions?



The shape of your arm bicep, for that matter most muscles, is primarily genetic.


Very true. All you can do is make the muscle you have larger. You can't only work on a "peak".


I guy I know swears by the "strive" machine.




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The strive machine is good. A much better machine is the time machine.

Go back and find yourself some parents with peaked biceps.

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It's true that genetics is the key.

But, you could try working the "Brachialis". It lies on the outside of the upper arm and has a depth which extends below the actual bicep.

Some Coaches on this site have suggested that working the brachialis will make for a higher biceps peak.

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Exercise prescription:
the Reverse Curl with slow eccentric

I believe brachialis also gets work from pronated pull-ups and bent rows, or any pronated pulling through the arms. But reverse curl is a great compound exercise, which works the brachioradialis as well.

And even if you don't get a biceps peak from the brachialis, it looks fucking awesome on its own (note picture).


I'm not the one asking about my biceps peaks


Thanks for that suggestion. What excercise would work the brachialis?


Sorry, I asked ZEB what excercise works that muscle before reading further. My bad ya'll.


I feel you Hog, I have the same problem.Any one know if there are any pro's with no peak or bad ones? just out of intrest.


Sergio Oliva didn't have much of a peak. His biceps were just big enough that it didn't matter at all.


i had the same problem before.
just lower your body fat and add some muscle
and you will have your "peak"


I second the effect of lowered bodyfat. I finally got my bodyfat down to 9-10% and the peak keeps getting more pronounced. Concentration curls using cables have seemed to help also.


Thank's Prof,

Obligatory Pic coming up.... :=P




As far as exercise selection, also work in Hammer curls (neutral grip dumbbell curls). Hey, if it doesn't help the peak, at least it will help with rear bicep poses/appearance.