How do I get rid of waist fat?

Hi how can I get rid of this fat around my waist bust still keep a v shape

Losing the fat will improve the V taper. Am I misunderstanding the question?

In terms of how, it’s going to be caloric deficit. What are you doing now?

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Yes I’m wanting to loose fat in that section although I know spot reducing isn’t possible but I don’t want to loose any mass elsewhere.

As for what I do, I’ve always done weighted Calesthenics and circuit style training so I’ve pretty much eat whatever i want knowing I can burn it easy, however in the last few months I’ve been doing weight lifting and drinking a mass gainer which doesn’t really contribute to the fat.

How can I be in a calorie deficit but still gain muscle

Well… probably not possible. You can maintain most your muscle mass, though, but there’s fat everywhere so you will lose some mass over your entire body.

The good news is the V-taper is relative. So, even if you lose absolute mass in your lats and shoulders, you should improve the relative shape.

Why do you think that?

It’s not impossible, but it is tough enough that I’d recommend prioritizing one at a time. So keep lifting, with a high enough protein intake, and focus on losing fat until you’re happy. Then get a little leaner than you want so you can switch to a true muscle gain mentality.

You can prioritize side delts and lats in your lifting program and potentially add a little muscle there while you lean out. Coupled with losing the fat around the midsection, that should go a long way toward improving that V-taper you want to see!


Getting less fat in general will get rid of fat around the waist.

Well, if the “mass” you speak off is in part fat or water. Doing what you need to do to lose the waist fat will make you lose “mass”, but it’s not losing muscle.

If you carry fat over your muscles (which you are, otherwise your back would look a lot more defined or separated) then you will lose “volume” when you diet down to lose the waist fat. There is no way around it. The body loses fat everywhere when you diet down.

Now, you do seem to have good upper back development. So what I’m saying is not a critique on your physique, but yeah, a lot of the “mass” that makes your back look big is fat covering your muscles. And if you lose that, your back will look smaller… but that’s only because right now, the fat is giving the illusion of having more muscle that you really do.

A comparison is women who wish they could keep their breast size when dieting down… what really happens is that as they get thinner, their breasts get smaller because they lose far from everywhere.

From experience, what you experiencing is the #1 reason why guys fail to get truly lean: they are used to be the “big guy” through a combination of muscle and fat covering the muscles giving the illusion of size. And when they start to lose fat, they find themselves less impressive and they aren’t the big guy anymore (if you lose 10, 20, 30lbs you will occupy less space and look smaller, period). So they say screw it and start bulking again to remain the big guy. But it’s an illusion.


Good points.

I think a lot of guys unknowingly want to keep the fat on parts of their bodies while minimizing it around the waist/belly area. They like being “big” even if a lot of that bigness is a layer of fat across the chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

They’d never say this out loud because they aren’t even conscious of the thought. But that’s actually what they’re asking for.

Without saying you want to spot reduce, tell me you want to spot reduce.


A friend of mine used to work at a supplement store that sold shirts. When “big” guys asked him what size they should get he always answered:

Large if you want to show your arms, X-large if you want to hide your belly LOL


Ha! True Classic T-shirts for the win!