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How Do I Get Rid of This Hitch?!


I used to have a problem getting the weight off of the floor, now it seems I am having lockout trouble. Any advice on technique? or accessory exercises?


that's a horrible angle for videoing a dead for critique. video at a diagonal from the side is best. from that angle it appears that you aren't getting back on your heals as you pull. you are letting the weight shift to the balls of your feet which then will make your ass shoot up. once that happens you can't get your hips through to the bar. you need to start the lifts with a tight arch, tail bone up, chest out. as you start the lift, pull the bar back and shift the weight to your heels. keep a tight arch to your back with tail bone up and chest out. if you can maintain this position, you will be in a much better position to get the hips through to the bar to complete the lift.


^what meat said, and as for accessories, anything that makes your hips stronger or your lockout harder, do it. Pull against bands, pull from a deficit, pull with reverse bands that go slack at the top, do sumo work etc.


I really had to fight the urge to hitch at my last meet. Maybe this angle is better for critique?




This and get your hamstrings stronger.


STB, thank you for posting that.


Unrelated, but WTF is that guy doing in the background at the end of your video? What are those?


Very interesting. Going to have to think on this and try to apply it to my deadlift.


Hahahaha! I don't know man I was thinking the same thing. I've noticed that is most of the powerlifting videos out there on youtube have someone in the background doing something stupid. lol. I think there should be a forum started about that. hmmmmm....


@StormTheBeach- Thanks man. I'll have to work on that!