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How Do I Get Rid of the Love Handles?

I’m working out about 3 days a week, full body workouts. I eat pretty healthy, no processed foods. I guess my weakness is beer, I do drink a lot. Do you think my issue is lack of muscles? It just seems like no matter what I do I can’t get rid of these gross love handles. Please help! Any suggestions with be helpful.

Keep training hard and eating well. Try and cut the beer down. How many drinks per week are you having right now?

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Yes as you asked part of the issue is lack of muscle mass.


I’m confident those love handles will dissapear with hard training and a few more calories.

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What are you doing and how long have you been doing it? What’s your current training and nutrition plan?

Everyone covered the biggest points: Cut back your drinking, add muscle, and stick to the plan. You don’t have “love handles”, you have basic body fat. Lose fat, build muscle, and the issue will get resolved.

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1)You look just pretty untrained
2)Train harder, at least one excercise every workout should have gun-to-the-head intensity
3) [quote=“dan214, post:1, topic:269980”]
beer, I do drink a lot.
[/quote] :man_facepalming:

  1. use T Nation -If like full body, run through Waterbury templates or similar
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You need to lift weights and build some muscle.
Train consistently
Eat consistently.
Don’t overthink it and the results will come.

This approach will serve you well through all phases of lifting.

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This week in body dysmorphia…

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The thread could have ended with this. Virtually 0 muscle mass here. You don’t have love handles, OP, you have nonexistent lats and shoulders.

Also, it’s been 6 days since this post - I will never understand why people come on here, ask pointed questions, and leave.

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I’d focus on your posture and habits first TBH.

Fix your shoulders and pelvis.

Get to the gym for 3-4 days per week and train.

Eat 3-4 good meals per day.

Once the basics are down, worry about specifics like your love handles.

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Deepending on the content and of tone of some of the hit and run post are … Sometimes I question how legit some of them really are.

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Exactly. Dont sweat the small stuff

Do you have love handles or is it your pelvic bones? It looks like it may be your hip bones. In which case, that is the way you are built. The easy fix is to pull your shorts up higher. The expensive fix is some sort of crazy surgery. The hard fix is doing like a lot of us do. Train a couple hours a day, and then spend the rest of the time figuring out how to improve.