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How Do I Get Rid Of My Belly???


No, I don't mean lose b/f. I know how to do that. I stay around 15% bf fall through spring and "lean out" to about 10-12% for the summer.

I mean how do I alter my powerlifter/strength athlete wall of abs. They stick out even w/, or past my chest if I've just eaten. I would like to have them more "sunken in" so I look better in clothes. I'm 5'6" 215-220lbs, wear a size 48-50 jacket and 34 pant so I know it's not for lack of chest development or being obese.

Do I need to "retrain" my abdominal muscles to stay sucked in during most lifts??? Are there any special exercises that I can do??? I know it's an odd question, but I appreciate the help. Graci


no more direct torso exercises, of course. choose exercises that require as little abdominal stability as possible. no more squats, deadlifts, military press, chins, etc. over a long period of time (months, years) that could work.

or stop lifting and eat less and lose size everywhere. that would work, but im sure it's not an option.

it's your symmetry and genetics. besides, you probably look fine and are the only one who sees it.


10-12% isn't what most of those guys in the mags are sitting at. Most of those pics are taken with them much closer to 6% or less. That means, if you want your abs to be "sunken in", it is going to take a lot more dieting. Most people are not quite that obsessed with that angle unless they are about to compete or take pictures.

Bottom line, who have you seen on this planet who can be full after eating and their stomach doesn't stick out at all? Either build a bigger chest, or stop being human. There wouldn't be too many bodybuilders even in the 50's and 60's who could have done a vacuum pose right after Thanksgiving dinner. Those pics you see of bodybuilders in top condition? They aren't taken right after a large meal for obvious reasons.


Thanks Prof X, I'm not interested in being that ripped right now. I'm still trying to gain more muscle mass, BUT I don't want to look like I have a GH gut w/o the benefits of doing GH.

I had forgotten about the vaccuum pose Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Frank Zane, etc did back in the day. Do you think performing a "vacuum" and holding it as long as I can, a few times a day, will help???


This can help a bit. There have been articles and other threads about it on the site.


No. I think not worrying about this will help. If you want your stomach to "sink in", it is going to take a substantially lower body fat percentage and a period of fasting before that occurs. Your post is more along the lines of some of those teenage girls asking, "How do I get the flawless skin tone of the supermodels I see in the magazines". The answer would be, "have you heard of air brushing?"


Check your posture. Weakened lower back is going to put an over emphisized curve in your lumbar region of your spine to compensate for weak back strength. Check the mirror. When you stand perfectly erect looking at the mirror w/o sucking in, does your abdominal section form better?


Thanks for the reality check Prof X ...I'll quit my bitching.


If you are 5'6" and 220 and wear 34 inch pants quit worrying about your waist, you are fine. Shit, post a pick and lets see.


yeah, this works the transverse abdominals...Ian King is really big on working this. check out his "The Book of Muscle"...


have you tried abdominal vacuum?


Thanks to all those who suggested the "vacuum", I'm going to give it a shot.