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How Do I Get Past a Plateau?


I started lifting about 3 1/2 years ago and i didnt start getting bigger until just a year ago after eating more and taking more protein and more help with my lifting my bench went from 225-275-330 from 10th grade to 11th my squat went from 365-435-500.

But i kind of feel like im at a plateau how do i get past this quicker????I stopped taking whey protein fro a little bit but now im back on it to keep weight during football season.


Progress is not linear. Keep working hard get plenty of rest, eat for your goals and it will come.

Light be time for some change in your program if youve been doing the same thing. maybe a back off week, hows the diet etc etc



First off nice numbers kid. How long have you been at this "plateau"? I know one of my training pals seems to think hes at a plateau but hes really not he just isnt getting results as fast as he used to and as fast as he likes.

That happens, its easy to see gains when you first start. Lately hes been hindering himself from making more gains because of this. I say this cuz I wouldnt want to see somone else make the same mistake.

You stoped taking whey, is that it? If you've scaled down your routine at all give youself some time to get back into it.


Plateaus can be long, but you will eventually bust out of it if you are dedicated enough.


Overtrain 'till you're depressed and then take 7-10 days off


You simply need to change your program. Your body has adapted to that kind of stuff and it needs a new stimulus.

Would you describe your plateau for us? You may feel like you're in one, but are you sure that you're in one?