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How do I get my 'ideal' body?

I’m 6ft and about 11 3/4 stone. I’m pretty ‘toned’ but I wanna gain about another stone and stay toned/cut. At the moment my routine (3 x a week)is 20mins (10 on bike, 10 on rower pretty intense)then sit ups, then(all 2x8)seated rower, shoulder press,lat pull downs (tri grip), seated bicep curls,standing bicep curls, tricep dips, suqats (3x8) and then occasionally leg press. It’s pretty intense but is it a good general over-all programme? I’ve only been doing it for 6 weeks and I seem like my shapes changing. Before that I did another general programme which ive done since March. Im now working on my diet too, but any advice for looking lean, toned but slightly bigger? You know, the way Brad Pitt looks in the boxing/fight film he did!

Put the cardio after the weights. Drop the curls. Put the squats first. Add stiff-legged deadlifts. Or, sonce you’re doing this 3x per week, you could do a split routine.

Stefan, here is the rough outline of what you need to do to put some lean mass on. First, concentrate on doing BB compound movements–prioritize these to the front of your program for each major muscle group. You should do at least 3 exercises for each major muscle group. If you really wanna see more rapid gains, go to the gym more days a week and work on one major body part and then compliment that with a smaller body part (e.g., hit delts hard and then do some trap work; the next hit chest hard and then do some some ab work). Second, eat big. Consume quality food in the appropriate ratios (see articles). You will not put on mass unless you eat correctly. Third, supplement with some Tribex or Mag-10. Within a few weeks you will (as you have already noted) start to see some real changes. Read the FAQs for the details on the rough overview I have provided; you will find all you need to know about various exercises and nutrition plans. Also, don’t worry about being super toned or lean in a bulking phase. Once you have put on some lean mass, you can easily melt off an excess bf by adjusting your caloric intake (see the various fat melting diet articles). Also be sure to get good rest. I didn’t start to see significant change until I did the following: 1) went from 3 times a week to 5-6 times a week training. 2) Covered my caloric needs approriately and in the correct ratios. 3) Started to religiously practice strict form. 4) Upped the intensity (intensity is defined as the amount you are doing reps with relative to your one rep max) 5) Upped the T/TUT. Later I incorporated some Mag-10 and gain about 8-10 lbs of lean mass. Use your cardio as needed.
Good luck.

Stefan try introducing more compound movements into your programme,exercises like the bench press,deadlift,chin ups,squats are the foundation of any training programme.
I take it from your post you are a newbie so go to FAQ section there are plenty of good training ideas to be getting on with.
Also look for articles by Coach Davies, the man has an amazing catalogue of exercises that will help you pack on the mass.
Good luck with your training.

excuse my ignorance, but what the fuck is a stone?

Here here!(Perfect British accent)

well I belive that a stone is equal to about 14 lbs so 11 3/4 stone = 164.5lbs

  • and for our European readers, 165lbs = 74.8kg!!

Stefan, here’s what I’ve been doing lately and the “plan” has worked wonders for my physique:

Presently, my routine consists of (3 x weekly)Monkey Butler Sit-Ons, Monkey Butler Strangleholds, and Monkey Butler Hiney Spanks. In addition to this, my daily cardio involves chasing my monkey butler around my home until I collapse to the floor like a truckload of wet cement (which is what most people mistake me for anyway).

It's pretty intense but I've been doing it for six weeks now and it seems like my shape is changing from what used to resemble a gargantuan cinder block to what seems to be a cross between an overstuffed amoeba and a mile-long rectangle.

For your information, I'm now working on my diet too. I'd be happy to outline it for you, but it might be easier for you to just stop by an IHOP and grab one of their menus. That's lunch.


"gargantuan cinder block to what seems to be a cross between an overstuffed amoeba and a mile-long rectangle. "

So basically, you look more or less like Richard Simmons?!?


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Brad pitt looked skinny in the fighter movies you are talking about. You need to work individula muscle groups more. Do more weight, less reps per set. Do deadlifts, bench press, pullups, olympic lifts. If you want a full body routine try the HST program, do a search in the archives. laters pk