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How Do I Get My Girl to Gym with Me?

I’ve been training for about a decade (I train 5-6 times a week) or so now, and I’ve been with my girl for about a year or so… she has excellent genetics in terms of muscle growth and fat loss (better than I do), and I just hate seeing such a gifted body go to waste, if she put in just a bit of work in training and eating healthy, I know for sure she’d be so much happier with herself.

How do I get her to train with me regularly without seeming rude about it?

You don’t, that sounds awful.

Absent super villain level hypnosis abilities, you cannot compel a human to want to do a thing.

She has to want to go to the gym.


Has she expressed or shown signs that she’s not happy? If she hasn’t and it is just YOU wanting her to workout, then you’ll probably just end up annoying her and not helping her. She has to want it

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You can ask her to go. Not sure if that is frowned upon. I think making it about performance is a better idea than looks.

Don’t push hard if she agrees to go with you, don’t criticize what you think is a lack of effort, but point out gains in performance when you see them.

When my fiancee started out, she could bench about 55 lbs for one rep, squat about 80, and deadlift about 100 lbs. She now can do 135, 235, and close to 300 on the deadlift. I have never made it about looks, but about objective improvement. She looks better too FYI.

Make it fun. If it is fun, she will be more likely to stick with it. You may just want to start with 1 or 2 days a week.

No you don’t.

You don’t. Unless it’s genuinely her idea. Trying to push her into it is a terrible idea.

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Uh, yes. I do. She’s trained before and spoke about how she loved her results, it’s only now that she’s taken months off gym, so if you’ve got zero idea/brain cells/ or input, might as well keep your pie-hole shut.

Thanks a lot, very impressive stats. Will surely make it enjoyable for the both of us.

Hold on, lemme get some popcorn made…


Try buying her new stuff to wear to the gym. (Serious)

Tell her the cellulite on her ass is much more noticeable than when you first met.

Hopefully your next girlfriend will like going to the gym so you can share that together.


Dumb answer:
get her to try gym and also a bunch of other activities… yoga, super azz class, spinning, zumba or whatever …and she chooses one or alternates through what she likes herself

Serious answer:
Braaah, serve her up a large portion manipulation, feelings of guilt and jealousy over her best friends butt-thunder FTW…


That dude is fucking brilliant.


I don’t see why you even need to ask the question. Training should be mandatory for all women. Life would be so much simpler and better for everyone.

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You don’t, she has to get herself to the gym for her own reasons.
When my boys were in high school playing sports I introduced them to weight training. One loved it and one hated it. The one who lived it went much further in sports and he’s 29 now and still trains 5 days a week.
My other son is 26 and about 30lbs overweight. I never say a word except that everyone has an “oh damn” point. Hopefully he will realize that soon.

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She loved it so much she stopped? Have it your way man, it’s your relationship, but I’m not the only poster who thought this was a terrible idea.


So we can best service your request, please select the type of manipulation you are most comfortable with:

A. Guilt & Shame
B. Withdrawl of Affection
C. Blackmail
D. Threats
E. Self-esteem/Character Assassination
F. Criticism (inc insults, judgement and labels)
G. Passive Aggressiveness
I. Competitiveness


if you’ve got zero idea/brain cells/ or input, might as well keep your pie-hole shut.

So E and F it is then!


Got to agree with the last part. Since the question at hand comes across as egocentric.

I might be misreading the situation but I read it as “how do I get my SO to do what I want”, seems problematic to me.

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Same here