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How Do I Get My Carbs?


Hey all-

I seem to have trouble getting my carbs for mass gaining.
I'm 150ish lbs and need around 300g of carbs. That's roughly 50g each meal. But the problem is getting that 300g.

Eating veggies accounts for so little calories and grams, so how do i get my recommended amount?

I read/heard from some people that rice,bread,bagels, are bad carbs and should only eat veggies,beans,fruits. But doing that, i dont get enough carbs, so should i be eating starch too?

What are some healthy food that is high in carbs?
i eat rice and whole wheat bread, but is that "good" for mass gain?

Also, in making shakes, how do i get in 40-50g of carbs? I put 2 bananas and some blueberries. Any other good ideas?


If you need to be eating 300g's of carbs then you can eat some starchy carbs.

Oats, brown rice, Ezekiel Bread, Cream of Wheat or Rice, Yams/Sweet Potatoes, just to name a few.


Not to be a dick ... but have you tried google? Or the search function? It's helped me research questions I've had in the past ...

rach hit it pretty much on the head tho ... eat more quality starches ...


The best way to get carbs is to physically take them and put them in your mouth.


hahahaha x2

But, you could also get some maltodextrin/dextrose and easily throw 100g in your PWO shake, barring you don't already have a pwo shake with carbs in it. That knocks you down to 200g for the day.


hahah thanks guys.

better start munching