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How Do I Get My Balls Back?


I have been on and off T-boosters a few times (the last time being a 3-month cycle ending in August) in the past 5 years and taken 1 cycle of a pro-hormone around 4 years ago with a PCT afterwards. However, my balls have never gotten back to the size they once were and I'm dealing with some atrophy. I've read up on how to get them back with supplements like clomid and nova, but the one that caught my eye the most was the HCG that everyone's talking about. It intrigued me, but I can't find any hard evidence to suggest this would work in my situation.

Does HCG work for atrophy when taken alone?

Does HCG HAVE to be injected?

Would an HCG Diet-Supplement, from say GNC, work just as well?

New here and could really use some insight to getting my testes back to normal so I can correctly take supplements, should I chose to again.


You need to have bloodwork done


Would getting bloodwork help determine a cure for the atrophy?


They would be able to see something isnt working right with the results.

Yes get bloods done


I gave you a protocol to fix this in the other thread you started