How Do I Get a DEXA Scan?

Hey guys, I’m curious if you’ve had a DEXA scan and how I could talk my doc into having one done? The reason is pure curiosity on my part. I like to know what TH it is now so I can use it for comparison later.

Thanks for any input!


I located a place nearby. They do a ton of man type stuff. Have to call to get a price for the scan.

I’ve had a couple done w/ the same company (body spec). $40.00. Great info in printouts and they keep all info in their system so each printout has a comparison of your previous stats. Body Spec operates in several Cali cities as well as Seattle, WA I believe. Google should turn up results in your area. Good luck!

Yup I located the place in a nearby city but have yet to price them.
Then my family doc told me to try a University close to me that they probably have the water tank deal, and likely would do it for free. I would defiantly like to get the number to compare it in the future.


Ah!! Cool. I wouldn’t have thought of the university source for the water submersion method. I’ve read that DEXA and the hydrostatic methods rival one another in terms of accuracy so either way you should be good. Thanks for that tidbit. I might look into nearby universities just to try the hydrostatic and compare in the future.