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How Do I Fully Recover from Chronic Patella Tendonitis-cure?


I’ve had patella tendonitis in my right leg for about a year now. It is
chronic but if i strictly weight lift with good form (pushing through
heels and no forefoot) it doesnt bother me as much, but when i start to
add in activities such as basketball and cardio it bothers me and can
flare up pretty nasty where its hard to go up stairs. So this has
started the cycle of re-aggravating, resting and repeat and it never
goes away.

This affects my goals greatly because when I lean out and lose about
40lb I want to start training more like an athlete with explosive
movements and pylometrics. So far i dont have the budget to do platelet
rich plasma treatment. I own a slant board and plan on doing eccentric
squats 3x15 a few hours after every leg day at the gym. But to
accomplish my goals is it possible to completely get rid of patella
tendonitis in my right leg? Usually bothers me when jumping, landing,
accelerating and sprinting only in the right leg. Squatting and Deadlift
is fine if i dont do any impact activities the days before, but if not
those things are painful too.

Also i do stretch, foam roll, ice and use heating pads.

TKE knee extensions

Tape your patella before any activity tightly

Good Luck

That may help reduce pain, but I could still eventually rupture the tendon jumping or exploding with all my power whereas if there is a way i can strengthen the tendon to the point where it is healthy and no more micro tears then this rupture would not be likely to happen.

Isometric knee extensions, 45s hold at 60d knee extension in knee extension machine, 5 reps with 1 min in between. Has been shown to reduce pain from 6/10 to 1/10 pre sport, and has carryover effect for up to 45 mins. Working on descending noxious inhibitory control pathways.

I’m a physical therapist and have good results in using this protocol. From Melbourne, Australia, used for their in season maintenance of patella tendinopathy.