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How Do I Fix My Wobbly Shoulder?

I have this problem with my shoulder, spacula area where its all loose and just wobbly, no pain, but I can stick one side of my scapula completely and my shoulder I can move ball socket forward and back without any pain, all my muscles are soft to semi soft, my biceps and triceps are semi soft on one side while my trapezius on one side is soft and my scapula sticks out when I try to flex my trapezius muscles on one side.

I have been to a doctor twice for this problem, once I was told it was nothing since I had no pain, and second time I went again and lied and said I had pain so they could treat me. I was given some exercised and analysed for a couple of months and but was not seeing any progress, I was told to keep doing them since they’d fix my problem but its been more than a year now and nothing.

The only explanation for why I might have this is because I played a lot of tennis from when I was a kid to my late teens and held the racket all the time in my hand swinging it rapidly and in different directions. Yet I can’t find a solution to my problem, can someone help? Thanks

This is pretty general, but perhaps you could post a picture of different views/flexing so we could take a better look.

What do you mean by its pretty general btw?

Posting pics doesn’t really show what I’m having, doctors analysed me and they couldn’t really tell anything from looking at me, you have to speculate more on what the problem is

There could be quite a few things going on here. What does the muscle tone look like in the region or have you experienced atrophy there as well? Most likely describing some form of scapular winging involved, but don’t really have much to go off here. Has it caused any issues to the anterior side of your body, such as your pectoral?

Well my trapezius muscle on my left side is flat compared to my right one, and my left interior deltoid is elongated, my left arm is slightly lower than my right. My right ankle is slightly bending inwards also, idk if this is causing my problem, just thought I’d include it. And its probably from when I would jump in tennis and land on my right foot when serving. My left pec minor and major muscle is a bit softer than my right one. I don’t have a pelivic tilt to one side or scoliosis (hopefully) from my analysis. I just remember I was doing the plank once as a teenager and this strength coach said that one side of my body is weaker than the other but that was when I was skinner so I have put a lot of size on compared to back then so idk why I still have this problem.

Also my left clavicle is kind of moving more than my right, it clicks at my neck if I move my shoulder, my left Sternocleidomastoid muscle (neck muscle) is kind of thiner and a bit softer, and the side of my left neck is softer and flater than my right, my right side is harder and fuller

I tried all these advanced excersies prescribed by my phsiotherapist to fix my winged scapula for 6 months consecutively but it doesn’t work at all, idk what’s wrong with my scapula on my left side, my left side all together in general.

What’s your training history? Any history or trauma like surgery, collisions, fights etc?

What exercises do you do?

I’ve never had a broken bone or needed surgery in my life, no injuries that I know of

Interesting, could you tell us more about your training history?

I did a bodybuilder program when I first started for the first 6 months of my training, but now I do mostly strength training like focusing on my ohp, squat, deadlift, bench and will do some accessory work as well. I’ve been working out since 2015 but I don’t look like I’ve been working out for 5 years, more like 2 years because of breaks I had to take from the gym and my diet to focus on college and now work or other problems. But I definitely don’t think my training has caused my problem since I had this problem before I started training, I only noticed it when I started working out and started checking my body out for results and noticed my shoulder being lower than another and then looked more into it

What’s your accessory work? Also gonna tag in @EyeDentist for his advice, as you describe some pretty unique (I think) things, that might even be coming from the nervous system, rather than the muscles

So despite 6 months of appropriate therapy you still have winged scapula, and your treatment team just shrugged and gave up?

Are you right-handed or left?

How old are you, and when did this all start?

How long did you play tennis, and how good were you?

It’s never a good idea to lie about a medical condition, as it muddies the diagnostic picture.

What exercises did the doctors have you doing?

I think I’ll just go get a MRI scan for my shoulder, but thanks for trying to help

Just a heads up, eyedentist is an MD


Of course you will be seeing your physician again for that… since MRI’s are doctor ordered. Find it odd that one would not have been ordered by now . So no x ray was done when you first seen your physician?