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How Do I Fix Forward Lean w/ Squats?


Iv been really focusing on the 4 big lifts in the last month while pulse feasting and have notice some unbelievable differences in my physique. However, one lift i struggle with (form more or less).

The squat. The squat has always been my nemesis. I cant squat without wanting to topple forward while I'm going down. I lean forward and i cant stop it. Now, when i put a 5lb plate under my ankles, then my squat is fixed..

What do i do to fix this leaning problem? i know its my hips that are tight.


Do you squat high bar or low bar?


Sounds like a mobility issues with your hips and ankles. If putting plates under your feet help improve your positioning, you probably lack the dorsiflexion ROM in your ankles to allow you to squat low.

I would perform some standing calf stretches against a wall to help stretch 'em out. Make sure you perform the exercise with your knee in 0 degrees of extension and then add some flexion to hit both the gastroc and soleus.


High bar. On my way down I can feel myself slowing leaning forward, then i have to stop. I have tight hips/ankles so i figured that was the problem.

What can one do for tight hips?


Have you considered weightlifting shoes? Putting the plates under your heel seems to indicate to me that it woudl work well.


Olympic shoes would probably be a good investment, also check out some kelly starrett videos on youtube about squatting and hip mobility. People tend to over think this mobility stuff, if you are just focused on those main lifts you only need the mobility to squat and deadlift with good form. Loosen up your hip flexors, foam roll your quads, do some deep lunge stretches to open things up.


The typical culprit for poor hip mobility with squatting is either tight hip flexors or the deep hip external rotators.

For the flexors, I’d recommend a hip flexor stretch

If kneeling is painful, apply a pillow under the knee or perform it in standing (with a wider stride length and ensuring you are going into a posterior pelvic tilt).

For the ERs, I’d recommend a modified piriformis stretch like “stretch #2” featured here:
Stretches 2-4 are actually all great ones for hitting your hip extensors and external rotators.


Oly shoes make a big difference, imo.


For the kneeling hip flexor stretch, it should look like this:

For the standing variation, it should look like this:


perfect. ill start with all these and then see where im at in a few weeks. ill look into oly shoes if none of this works


I started incorporating defranco’s agile 8 twice a week a couple of months back and I’ve noticed a good improvement in my mobility and agility, I’d certainly recommend giving it a try for a few weeks.