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How Do I Find Source Material?


So, I have a question. When I read these studies and things, either on this website or in books, always has references to studies.

How do I get access to these studies?

When I was in college a couple of years ago working on my MBA we had web databases the we had access to. We could look up all sorts of things on those. Alas, I no longer have access to these since I’ve graduated and am no longer affiliated with the University.

Is there a free or nearly free database out there that has these?


Your best bet may be going to a local school library with either a graduate school in the biomedical sciences or a medical school. They usually have computers already linked to databases.


Thanks. I thought of that, but I’m too lazy. I want it online. Any ideas?

[quote]rubberbubba wrote:
Thanks. I thought of that, but I’m too lazy. I want it online. Any ideas?


Not all of their full-text is free but it’s the best you’ll get.

Try this link to the National Center for Biotechnology Information


It has access to all the medical databases, but you often can only read the abstract without a subscription. About 25% of the time the full article is available.

PubMed is always good too, though you usually do just get the abstracts unless you subscribe.

When I’m not at university (i.e., summer break) I usually just take a day to go to a local uni with the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Med. Sci. Sports Ex, and a few others and make an afternoon of it.


Thanks. I registered for PubMed.

It’s pretty comprehensive…