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How Do I Find My SWEET SPOT?


I know I have hit my sweet spot several times in the ast on androgen. Problem is, I don't stay there very long :frowning:

Last year I began androgen with my family doc who knew nothing about TRT sadly. He only checked total T.

I remember when my total T was 750 I felt so good, for only a few weeks though. Now I was at 1050 and feel like crap, but my E2 was 95. I don't know what my E2 was last year with the other doc.

I will say though, every single time we increase my dosage, I feel really good with libido and all the rest, but it only lasts a couple of weeks. I feel like a junkie chasing a high that I can't catch


which is another reason to switch to shots....no question about the amount you are absorbing and a proper understanding of the half lives makes dosing the AI a breeze


It's because the medication you are taking is wildly unpredictable. Think about it. You're rubbing gel into your skin, there are so many factors that go into how much T gets into your system on a daily basis.

I don't think you'll find many people here who are going to be on board with any of the transdermals. They just aren't as effective and consistent as injectables.