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How Do I Delete a Post?

Seriously how? I cannot figure it out.

It’s the internet. Everything is forever. For-ev-er.

But really, what would you like removed?

We don’t typically delete much, especially once topics have developed into a conversation. However, exceptions can be made for pictures, personal information, etc.

I would guess he has told yet another person they don’t have any knowledge, don’t know what they are talking about, they can’t read or didn’t read and also pushed opinions as facts. Just going out on a limb…

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It is my training log. I started it yesterday, but broke my ankle and wrist this morning.

Somebody is still butt hurt I guess. :joy:

It is no longer.

Now, nobody needs to be breaking butts…

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Wasn’t wrong though was I, you could say what I wrote was a fact.

Yep. Tried telling @danteism that he doesn’t know a thing.

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Thank you

Yeah, dude is a miracle worker knowing that I’m a fraud by analyzing three posts I made on his topic. Wish I had powers like that

This made me Laugh

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