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How Do I Convince My Endo to Try Nolvadex Instead of Clomid?


I finally found an endo willing to work with me. Off the bat he said ‘hCG’ is not good for treating hypogonadism, and that after I got my pituitary MRI and gonad ultrasound he will put me on a SERM. He says he only treats with clomid but doesn’t seem to be entirely against nolvadex, although I literally have no information to convince him other than ‘KSman told me so on a forum’.

Any research and advice is highly appreciated!


If I were you, I would try Clomid first and see how it works. It is a standard of care. Long term Clomid has been studied well in men, while long term Nolvadex hasn’t been studied in men to the same extent.

While some men report less side effects from Nolvadex than from Clomid, others report more. Much of this is anecdotal and in the context of bodybuilding cycle recovery. I have personally never seen anybody report positive sustained results from Nolvadex as long term HRT lasting years, but maybe others know of such reports, in which case I’d be interested in seeing them. As for side effects, for example, it turns out that men with breast cancer (yeah, it happens to men too) have a very hard time adhering to their Nolvadex regimen because it causes many men to lose libido - to the extent that not even cancer can make them take the medication. There are also some serious possible vision-related side effects attributed to Nolvadex - it tends to form possibly permanent crystals in the retina of some patients. It may cause blood clots. Etc.


That’s really odd to hear, and quite saddening as I had so much hope for nolvadex. What I’ve read is a lot of men have success with clomid in raising testosterone but feel like crap because clomid blocks estrogen receptors in the brain which are important for libido and mood… Also, the vision problems with clomid seem to be a lot more talked about and more serious in nature, although that is of course due to more people using it and reporting on it.

When you say men with breast cancer, what kind of dosage and time frame are we talking here though? People with cancer tend to take these drugs for up to 2-3 years, at somewhat high dosages. I’m thinking more 10mg EOD here. I think 20mg of nolvadex is equal to about 150mg of clomid or something along those lines.