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How Do I Come Off TRT Properly?

I need a break from TRT for a bit, perhaps a restart later. Could never get the side effects under control no matter the dosage, protocol, etc. Been on for 2.5 years, never cycled off. Got myself titrated down to 80mg per week and stayed there for a good 10 months (somewhat effective dose for me with the least sides). Recently dropped it again, and this time feel like ASSSSSS. Fatigue, headache, etc., but mentally more than anything, surprising amount of anxiety/depression/etc.

Obviously, I’ve learned cold turkey would be a mistake for me, as well that I’m super sensitive to dosage adjustments. So what are guys doing that help coming off? Just powering through?

I’m not a body builder, so I am unfamiliar with PCT’s or cycling.

What side effects were you experiencing? Do you have labs for 80mg a week?

TRT isn’t “cycled” and if you are stopping, within intent to stay off, you should immediately do a PCT/restart. That info is generally pretty easy to find on the internet. HCG, Clomid, tamoxifen.

Sides on TRT have always been a problem for me. Ridiculous acne (forget going shirtless), sleep problems, hair loss, etc. Those three in particular never let up despite various IM protocols, dosages, etc. More test is not better for me, those sides just all increase, plus I get a load of sexual sides as well. HCG caused anxiety.

No current labs for 80mg a week no. I have some old ones I can post that would likely be unchanged.

I’m floored by how bad dropping my TRT dose just 25% is. Perhaps too much too fast?

20mg Nolva (Tamoxifen) daily for 4-6 weeks, wait 4 weeks, get lab work and see if LH, FSH, TT have increase


Thank you!

When should I start a PCT by the way? Only when off TRT completely? How long after last dose if so?

Also, as I appear to be super sensitive to dosage reduction, what would be the proper way to titrate the dose down? Say, 10mg a week until zero? or 10mg a week down to 40 and say fuck it?

All I know is suddenly dropping a long term dose by 20% was NOT the right call for me.

3-4 weeks after last shot. I never tapered off, so can’t comment on that. Also didn’t use HCG as part of PCT, but I see that recommended a lot

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How much arimidex do you guys recommend when running just HCG? I’m trying to avoid acne breakouts during PCT, and previously even 150iu hcg combined with my TRT (120mg cyp) would cause severe breakouts…

Currently on TRT (no hcg) .375mg of adex on Monday and Thursday tanks my e2 to zero but stops all acne. I figure that without any test in my system that the e2 from hcg won’t be as high compared to when on test, so taking .375mg once per week should be enough.

I plan on running 650iu EOD for 4 weeks and then 20mg nolvadex for 4 weeks.