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how do I combat insulin intolerance?

Hello all.

It seems that I do not tolerate insulin well.

What do I do? I am currently bulking up.
I do not want to give up carbs completely as it may interfere with my growth. Do you know what can help me to get normal insulin sensitivity?

Any ideas?


SSD…Go check out JB’s Massive Eating article (Part II). He’s got some solid advice for combating insulin INsensitivity. I also believe that he addresses the issue of reduce insulin sensitivity following a ketogenic/low-carb diet and how one can gradually increase carbohydrate intake as well as introduce some helpful supplementation to augment the process. That, I believe, appeared in an Appetite for Construction.

Only thing you can do really is to control your carbs as much as possible. DO NOT eat simple refined carbs or sugars ANYMORE, AT ALL, EVER. Take some ALA and get a good post workout drink with natural sugars in it. Early in the morning is when your insulin sensitivey will be highest so eat most of your carbs then… otherwise stick to the post workout for most of the rest of your carbs. What do you mean you do not tolerate insulin well? How do you know? Are you diabetic? If you are you will have to see a doctor and scratch everything I just said though the Doc might suggest the same thing.

Definitely check out Massive Eating, and as you will see please don’t neglect fish oil!!! The Omega-3’s will be incorporated into your cell membranes and aid highly in increased insulin sensitivity. Also Alpha Lipoic Acid with meals will also help shuttle glucose without excess insulin. Depending on the quality- 100-400 grams of Lipoic Acid is good. You can also check out American Ginseng. It has been shown to help with controlling blood glucose but I would really recommend the Lipoic Acid above anything else coupled with about 6-10 grams Omega 3’s everyday. Good Luck


thank you.

The reason I beleive I am carb intolerant is this
a)I feel great when I do not take any carbs. I do not see any problems when being in ketosis

b)I loose fat extremely well when in ketosis

c)I have big love handles when eating carbs. According to current article, that means I am carb intolerant.

Will intense aerobics help with my insesitivity?

Hey, SSD. Just like you get a nice boost of insulin sensitivity following a resistance training session, the same is true for an intense cardiovascular workout. This type of training increases both insulin and non-insulin dependent glucose uptake.

I used to have a similar problem. Do not go ketogenic though I know it seems to work well at the moment. When I came back from a keto diet to include more carbs my insensitivity was even worse. I now workout in two 20 minute sessions per day instead of one half hour session. I control my carbs well and eat excellent sources and have virtually no problems with my insulin lately.