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How Do I Cheat My Blood Test?

Im 20 and I’ve got every single symptom of low T except for hot flashes but when I got my levels checked it came back saying that I was within the normal range (lowest is 230ng/dl). Before this test my diet was impeccable, I wasn’t over training, and I’m skinny fat so that’s not making that big of an impact
My thyroid and blood sugar are all checked out and
Anyways I’ve got a until Thursday before my next test
What can I do to get that low T

I threw my intermittent fasting out the window, I’m eating tons of sugar and gluten, no good fats what so ever just crap, and I’m limiting my sleep to 3-4 hours a night starting tonight
Tomorrow I’m cutting out fats and my diet will consist of chicken breasts and maybe a banana , if been masturbating like a fiend… I never wanna masturbate again finally the night before my test will be an all nighters and I’ll eat tons of sugar before that to give my insulin a good boost
Anything else I can do

You need to spend your time finding a better doctor and not looking for ways to lower your t. Even if you finally convince said Dr your t is low, your current Dr isn’t going to be able to competently treat you. Have you read the stickies such as “finding a trt Dr”?


Don’t cheat the blood test…There are Dr.s that will help, providing your numbers indicate a necessity. Most Drs are concerned about your health and need accurate info to prescribe…