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How Do I Change My IP Address?


Hey, I've been looking up proxy servers, ip addresses, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I can't get a straight answer anywhere. Is it possible to change the IP address that websites read without buying anything?


Unplug your modem from the internet connection. If you unplug it from the computer it will not do anything.


For IE
Goto "Tools">"Internet Options">"Connections">"LAN Settings"

At the bottom it should say "Proxy Server". Select that you want to use a proxy. Then google "Proxy List", the first couple of sites will do.

Select a proxy, from your country(so it doesnt slow you down), and input it into the Proxy Server.

Then try accessing your homepage.

If it works, job well done.

If it doesn't, the proxy is down and you just try another till you find one that works.



and connect to www.showmyip.com for fun.


Yeah, but when I change my IP like that, I can't log into email or post in forums.

Question: in forums, how do they match your IP to other users'? Do they have to manually match two users and see if they're the same? Or can they do a search for one user and see if any others match?

The reason I ask is, I joined a forum, forgot my password and email I signed up with for that user name, then created another one (wrote it down this time). But I'm afraid they may see that I have two user names some how by searching my name and banning me.


Don't violate site policies and you won't get banned, regardless of source IP address.


So sign on at a library, or your friends computer.


wont matter because they can read the IP from each individual post..


Something about this post tells me that you should pick up a book on networking.


Straight answer: Yes.


doesnt really help me...


It could be no one's helping you because no one buys the bullshit reason you're invoking.

If it's simply a matter of having two accounts on a forum, just send an email to support and they'll sort the whole thing right out.

It sounds more like the kind of bullshit people make up when they want to do naughty stuff but don't want to get caught.

My advice: if you're not able to figure it out on your own, you should forget the whole thing. An IP address is far from the only way available to identify you on a website.


Well, most forums can reject posts (like this one), if the mods don't think it's suitable. And the ones that don't can just delete your posts/threads. So that wouldnt do me a lot of good now, would it.

And either way, yeah, if they really really wanted to find out who I am, they can see right through the proxy servers (maybe with the help of the feds).

So no, that's not it.


If you are this preoccupied about someone backtracking you, I suggest you forget the whole internet thing.

We know where you live. We know who you are. We just don't tell you. :slightly_smiling: