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How Do I Carb Cycle?

Hey everyone, I’m Ashley.
I’m 15, and lightly- moderately active. I’m 5 ft and weigh about 108 lbs. I’ve gotten super lost in the whole nutrition and exercise world and I’ve gotten desperate. Please don’t tell me about how I’m too young to work out or be concerned about my weight. I don’t hate my body, nor am I trying to starve myself. I’m just looking to drop some fat in some stubborn areas with this plan and HIIT exercise to look and feel my best for summer.

I’m looking for daily carb, protein, fat, and calorie goals for myself. I also don’t know how often I should rotate my days nor how to fluctuate my goals on the days I rotate. I don’t know how to find this out and all of the explanations are too complicated. PLEASE HELP

After being a thin teenager at one point I have some advice for you. Don’t worry about carb cycling at all. In terms of nutrition you first need to get your protein intake up to at least 1g per pound of body weight. Try to use good sources (ground beef, eggs, chicken breasts, whey, cottage cheese etc) Next you are going to want quality carbs (rice, bananas, fruit, pasta). Also don’t forget good fats (peanut butter, nuts, avocado). Get at least 3 to 4 decent sized meals every single day. For calorie goals I can’t be precise but somewhere around 2500 would be a starting point. When it comes to fluids try to drink a gallon of water per day.

In terms of training find a beginner plan you will be consistent with. If it’s a 4 day plan you better be able to make it all 4 days. Full body or upper/lower would be good. Watch videos on proper form and work at increasing the weight you use. Sleep will be critical. Get 8hrs per night.

I know you think you would like to lose some fat. If you stick to this plan for the next few months you will put on a significant amount of muscle quickly. All of a sudden that fat won’t be so obvious once there is added muscle. To finish this small book I would add make sure to live your life. Your 15, chase girls, go for late night fast food with your friends, drink stolen beer on weekends etc. Best of luck

(I just realized the name on the post is Ashley, if this happens to be for a female I would change a few things. Lower the calls to 2000 and chase boys haha)

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I second this.

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haha! I loved your end note there! Thank you so much and I really appreciate the help

@ashleyy_oh welcome btw. Cool to see more teenagers around here.



I got you fam.

To lose weight you need to create a caloric deficit and be consistent with it. That’s as simple as it gets. If that’s you all you can handle then that’s plenty for your goals.

All the other stuff can range from lower priority (tho may still be worth) like macronutrient intake / how much protein you eat to strategies to assist in creating a caloric deficit or maximising performance such as carb cycling (these strategies are not magic however and all work for weight loss in the same way in the end by creating a caloric deficit) to straight up not worth your time stuff like spot reduction.

This is a nifty graphic about what your priorities should be when dieting. Consistency over everything. Creating a caloric deficit is next and then macros.

Calorie Balance
Start with a estimate and eat consistently and accurately for a bit and watch the scales. Depending on whether or not your weight is going in the direction you want and at the rate you want you may need to adjust your calories up or down.

IMO start somewhere between 1500-2000 depending on how active you are. 2500 is probably too high and you’ll waste time adjusting downwards.


Go with 100g protein per day and fill in the rest of your calories with fats and carbs from nutritious foods (for the most part cos you can still lose weight eating MacDonalds but you know for health and shit).

Lower Priority Stuff/Other
Worry about it when the above are on point (or don’t cos it probably won’t make too much of a difference e.g. nutrient timing / when / how many meals.

Fuck it ended up being pretty long winded soz. If there’s any questions this brings up throw us a reply

Good luck

. For regulating carbs this simple and effective…

you’re still growing tho so eat lean meat/fish and vegetables in abundance, especially greens