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How do I calculate 5,10 and 15 rep max?

Maybe this is a dumb question, but how do I go about calculating my 5,10, and 15 rep maxes? Is there some kind of method, or do I just mess around until I hit the right number? Should I warm up the muscle before I try and figure out the max? Should I be totally failing on the last rep? I tried searching the archives for something on this, but I couldn’t find anything. I’d appreciate any help anyone can offer, thanks…


Nick-O…Have you ever lifted before? Just kidding, man. Seriously, you should have a pretty good idea where these maxes should be. So you just go into the gym and get the job done. I’m not sure that you should go for each of those maxes in the same workout, but perhaps I’m wrong, as I’ve never gave HST a shot (this is an assumption that that’s what this is for). I would definitely warmup the muscles by gradually increasing weights. There’s probably a better science behind it, but I’d just start doing sets of 5, gradually increasing the weights. I would try to hit the max on the fourth or fifth set. On the third or fourth, I’d probably choose a weight that’s pretty damn close and just do two or three reps to get that acclimation. As far as the higher rep sets, I’m not real sure, as I don’t usually train with those poundages. And a max poundage is one that you are unable to do another concentric rep on your own.

I’ve been lifting for about 5 years or so, but I never really tried to get scientfic about it, I just did 4 sets, increasing the weight each time, and tried to fail as hard as could on the last set. Now after reading about HST, I’ve decided to try it. I could certainly estimate my 15 rep max, but the more exact I am, the better, right? Say for example I estimate my 15 rm for my bench at 120, then I test that to see if it’s right but I can only get off 13. So what do I do then, wait until another day to test it out, or just try again 5 minutes later with less weight? If I just wait 5 minutes, won’t I not be able to put up as much weight as if I was fresh? I just thought there might be some kind of chart or something to figure this stuff out that would save me some time.


calculate your rm’s on three days over one week IN THE GYM. then take 12 days of strategic deconditioning, it is a must or the program will not yield results. purpose is to make muscles forget everything, then build them up.
program works, but you have to EAT in order to grow.

Conversely, if you are coming off Renegade, Meltdown or EDT watch the calories as HST does not burn a lot & you might get fat.

Nickolai…If you come up short or start with too light of a weight, just wait several minutes and decrease or increase the weight, respectively. A 5-minute rest should be plenty to recovery mentally and physically. You would likely not even need that long for the 10- or 15-rep maxes. For the 5-ers, the longer rest is imperative. As far as charts go, there are many that estimate one-rep max off of a submaximal lift. For example, if you do a 5RM set, you would then be able to estimate your 1RM. Then there are also estimates at what percentage of 1RM each other RM lift is (am I confusing you yet?). So if you’ve got your 1RM, a 10RM is probably estimated around 75% of that. But, by this time–if you estimated your 1RM off another RM–then you’re making two estimates. The more estimates, the further off you’ll be. However, it’s not like it’s a life and death situation. So the estimates would be fine. Personally, I’d like to go balls out and just do all the RMs straight up. Sounds like the Scratchinator knows what’s up, so listen to him too.

If you know your 1 RM it is easy to find out. If you have a NSCA, CSCS book they have a chart that you can go by. Just plug in you 1 RM and they will give you what you need. I can’t remember the formula off the top of my head. The CSCS book is also a good refrence tool.