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How Do I Begin?


I'm a 25 yr old girl and would like to loose 15 lbs in a month. I've never done anything real extreme before. Any suggestions?


Don't go so fast! If you do, you'll lose more muscle than fat...which will lower your metabolism (the rate at which you burn food for energy) and you'll rebound and end up even heavier. Trust me on this.

WHAT you do isn't horribly important? Just do more physical activity than you're doing now, and it'll come off. Shoot for about 1-2 pounds a week max, and the first handful of pounds will and should be faster than later pounds.


Hmm, you didn't give us much information at all. I hate pimping my own thread, but read this...


Are you already doing some type of resistance work regularly? Do you know that "weight" can be a poor measure of progress?

Anyway, this site is more geared towards being fit, excelling in something, than simply losing weight, but you may still find what you need including advice and support.

So, if you are advanced well beyond the issues I'm raising, I apologize, but again, you haven't given much information and you are in the beginners forum...


Good advice from Charles. What's your current exercise like?


Change your habits.

And skip the cheat meals!


Vroom, you know you LOVE to pimp your own thread. It's mental masturbation for you. :slight_smile:


pounds, wtf, get a better body

smash the scale and visualize.



We really need more information. And read all about Charles Staley. And Vroom is a fine pimp, so read his thread, but stay away from him.


The sooner you start worrying about your numerical weight, the sooner the extra fat will come off, believe it or not. If you start lifting weights in a decent beginner's program, cut a lot of the junk foods from your diet (most can be replaced with healthy foods that taste even better), and make sure you're getting enough protein, you'll see a change towards the body you want.

What have you done before? If you've been doing a lot of cardio but not resistance training, I suggest you stop the cardio immediately and use one of the beginner programs Vroom linked to or the one here:


Using one of those for the first month or so is a great way to hit the ground running while you look around a bit more for a specific program tailored to your goals and get your diet organized.

Think about it this way: When you look in the mirror or when a guy looks at you, do you/they think "Hey, she (I) looks great!" Or "Hey, she looks like she weighs 125lbs!"

If you actually think of the number first, the mindset needs to be changed. It means nothing.



i'd say people need to know your current weight, height, BMI etc before they can really advise you,

are you overweight, underweight or appropriate weight

your 'likes to eat' posting name - what do you mean?