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How Do I Become the Best?

How do I become the best?
I want to shake ED COAN’s hand when I break his total at 220lbs.

Oh holy shit.

Step 1: superior genetics.

You do have vastly better than normal genetics don’t you?

You do your own research and ask good questions…not the most open ended one, ever.

really good article

Sign a deal with the Devil.

You can become better than most with hard work, dedication and all that. To be the best requires hard work, dedication, and being born with it.

How do you not know this?

Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins.

Just like one of the others said. To be the BEST you have to be born with it. But you can become good with hardwork and dedication.

“Eliminate” all the competition before hand and when you get to the show, make sure you’re stronger than all the ones you left alive. Then you’ll champion…but on a serious note

Hard work, dedication, Education, devotion, and balance.

Just win baby!

[quote]PGA200X wrote:
Sign a deal with the Devil.[/quote]

Yes… just PM me and we’ll get that deal started right away


There are very few people who are the best at anything, one per catagory max, usualy short lived.
Try sucking. There are a lot who suck at what they do, but also very few who are the best at sucking.
The bright side- If you screw up at sucking, you are actualy not bad.

It’s really hard to be “the best” at anything. Refuse to compromise, and center your life around becoming the best. Do not allow anything-- and this includes human relationships, jobs, and other aspects of your life, to stand in the way of your improvement. It will be hard to do this, uncomfortable, and there will be a million moments in which you would have a perfectly good reason to back off and fall by the wayside: reasons a ‘normal’ human being would happily take and be ok with. Champions are not ‘normal’ human beings.

Train relentlessly, expect setbacks to overcome in the form of injury and personal distractions, and eat like a horse. Come to terms with the fact that you will not only sacrifice many good times, but aspects of your health as well. Train with people better than you, surpass them, and make life adjustments to find new people that will push you.

Push satisfaction with being “good” and “very good” out of your mind. Resign yourself to many years of hard work. With the smart and fortunate path you’ll need over those years, you can acheive excellence. Then, with the right genetics and an unbreakable will, you will have a shot at being “the best.” For now. But you’ll be remembered as such, and serve as an inspiring example to many. In a very small way, you will achieve an immortality the rest of us can only dream of.

In your quest for this piece of godhood, be careful how much of your humanity you sacrifice. And good luck.

Continually push yourself, have persistance, train hard and smart on a continual basis. Always strive to better yourself.

Then, maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself at the top. Or maybe not. Either way, you be able to take pride in yourself, because you will have busted your balls to get where you are.

Coan did 500-300-485 in his first meet and was done raw, although he was a 155 pound teenager at the time. His lifts just grew with his body, so one problem you may have is that by the time you hit 2000 raw you may find yourself weighing closer to 300.

[quote]bigredaekdb wrote:
How do I become the best?
I want to shake ED COAN’s hand when I break his total at 220lbs.

Forget Ed Coan, Travis Mash is the man.

To be the best you gotta beat the best.

no no no you got it wrong

you want to be the best

but what you need to want

is to be the BEAST

see it is all in the spelling

also in the search engine. it takes effort to use the search engine and also, to read the articles, as compared to posting a thread asking everyone to hand everything to you on a platter.

you don’t get things handed to you on a platter when you are a BEAST

you don’t use no platter, you go out and hunt down the answers and eat with your hands and teeth, no cutlery

so far your strategy is not to be the beast, but to be the lazy ass dude, sitting back, waited on by all others

if you think anyone could answer your question with a reply on the internet, and yet those same people are unable to apply the knowledge themselves, then you are sadly mistaken

good luck though you have enthusiasm and that will take you hopefully, at least to actually doing something (like using the search engine and reading articles)

Tonya Harding style