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How Do I Add Meat To My Chest?


What excercises add meat to my ribs?
I read in the other bulletin people tell him to work harder lifting weights, but I work extremely hard and never seen anything add meat to my ribs, they visible as ever.


eat...a lot


big slabs of ribs will add meat to your ribs, sounds to simple but it is true. Rotate between pork and beef every two weeks so you keep your body guessing and your progress doesn't stall.


Follow this advice. If you want big strong ribs eat ribs. If you want a big chest? Chicken and turkey breasts my friend. Big legs? Chicken Thighs. Reason most guys don't grow a big chest is because they aren't supersetting their bench press with sets of eating chicken breast.

No but seriously if you gain weight through eating lots of food your ribs will cease to show through. Eating ribs is a tasty way to get there though.


Heavy back and chest work. Any and all rows and chin ups for back. DB and other presses for chest. But you really have to eat. Keep the protein (read: red meat and chicken and fish) high. Also carb up right after each training session.

Possibly try a chest specialization program but don't neglect you other big tools like squats (proven to add overall body mass including arms). I like using 10 sets fo 3 for chest. I did it one summer and it paid off big time. I haven't benched since and the chest is still there.



I call BS here ... that's a good way to wind up with chicken legs and nobody here wants chicken legs.


Staples and an indulgent butcher?



well done! :wink:


What's your workout? You might be working too hard, which won't actually help.


Work on getting big everywhere and your chest will be included in the ride. That will take hard work and food. Your body is a system of systems. It's a mistake to concentrate on one part.


Ditch the barbell bench presses for dumbbell bench presses and be sure to include alot of decline work too. I've lagged on decline for years until just recently and I noticed a quick improvement.


Pork is bad for you. Don't waste your time with pork.

The best way to build a big chest is with the dumbbell bench press, dumbbell pullovers, and some sort of fly movement. Don't ever worry about the weight you use for cable flys. It's more important to get a pump from them than it is to tear up more muscle fiber. Do your dumbbell flys with maybe 30 degrees of bend in your elbows or whatever feels natural. Try to get to the point where you use about the same weight that you do with dumbbell curls (if you're doing dumbbell curls with good form)

Dumbbell Bench Press and Pullovers are far more important than any fly movement, but just including a fly movement to get that extra blood in at the end of the workout might be worth your time.

And you can only make your chest bigger if you're making your shoulders bigger and your back bigger. Try to make your back absurdly strong and your chest will respond.