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How Do I Achieve This Muscle?


I've used lazyaxus11's pic, I hope he doesn't mind and perhaps he himself can answer my question if he sees this..

How do I get the two muscles circled in the above pic?

I'd guess it's either through oblique work outs or lower ab workouts like leg raises and such?


First, stop eating meals. You want to go as long a possible without real food in your mouth. I would suggest some Ensure and lettuce...but only use the Ensure when absolutely hungry beyond control. Slimfast is also a great supplement for your goals. Whatever you do, no solid food and no heavy weights.

Heavy weights are for pussies and we know where the real women love to hang...off of Justin Timberlake!!! Do situps for like 300 times every night. That coupled with your super low ab inducing food intake will bring those muscles out like nobody's business!!! Man, girls are gonna be all over you!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't get why you're flaming this guy. He didn't say he didn't want to lift or anything - he simply wants to know how to change his body. Isn't that what we're all trying to do here?


Why do you have to keep being sarcastic toward people's goals? Not everyone wants to be huge.

Anyways, to get the side cuts its more about losing bodyfat than working out. From the looks of it, its more the hip bone forming that cut than muscle. So just keep your diet clean.


Flaming? What?

If you really want those "muscles to stick out" then you should do the bolemic diet. I have heard of similar results from the biafran protocol as well.


PM caveman and ask him what his ab routine is.

The "name" for these muscles are known as "the V" and "apolos belt."

Prof I usually like your coldhearted posts against scrawny bitches, but this kid just wanted to know how to get a specific muscle. More or less a troll asking for a 6 pack, but the ladies love this muscle, and who wouldn't want a muscle the ladies love. Despite how some of them (not the ones on this site, though) are naive to real training and are obsessed with ab muscles.


I agree, this one completely deserves to be flamed.


I look kinda like that pic. I dont know the proper name of this excercise but I hold a dumbell in one hand and use the muscle on the opposite side to raise and lower the weight. Obviously then swap sides. Like stiff leg deadlifts except to the side!! It seems to be a fairly strong muscle (relatively speaking) so go fairly heavy.

Prof X : lighten up on the guy, I know you post regularly and you know your stuff but he had a valid question!!


I agree and this is exactly why I posted on Friday.

Prof X-stop imposing your goals on everybody else. What are you the resident T-mag wannabe bully because you're big? Next, it's kind of funny how you are always in the middle of something. Does it make you feel good to bash people?

Regarding your little comment aimed at me on the "Bad Mofos" article that TC wrote: you said something like "I just read that a poster doesn't eat to gain weight and won't make progress blah blah blah" What about eating to fulfill hunger? Energy needs? What about people that are cutting? Oh I forgot silly me. Everybody's always supposed to be bulking up like you!

By the way "Mr. I think I'm smarter than everybody else", you can gain strength w/out gaining weight and w/out eating for bulk. In fact, in sports that is a tremendous advantage. Example: if a basketball player increases his strength and power in his legs and upper body but stays a certain bodyweight then he won't have to extra baggage to carry around while running and jumping if he was to keep gaining weight while gaining strength. Don't forget that some of this stuff is genetic too, like it or not.


Lots of leg scissors while curling pink dumbbells.....


Aren't those muscles actually bone?


You could try smoking crack. But then again, your arms would probably be that skinny too.

I thought this was a bodybuilding site, where "size does matter".


Oh, by all means that is what we all want. Let's ask questions, shall we? I'll start:

Toodles, how much do you weigh?

How tall are you?

How old are you?

There, now we can have a better picture of who we are talking to.


The V? Damn it, someone changed out my Grey's Anatomy book with Ricki Lake's guide to ghetto slang


Here come the troops!! Hurry, everyone grab your hair gel and Gucci handbags, but don't fire until you see the whites of their...superbly manicured eyebrows and plumped eyelashes!!


This guy seems to know the secret...

Lets keep this site 'Bodybuildings THINK tank' fellas...


Yeah, I say Back off Gucci boys. We need a new forum called A-boys for all those ab seeking cutting freaks that score high on the metro scale. The question is pretty stupid if you ask me, given the site it's posted on.


Is it just me, or is the Prof getting a bit old... you're just rehashing the same shit and it really isn't that funny anymore. Even your responses to people's flames towards you (which usually ARE retarded) are getting predictable. For example, you're probably going to fire away at me with a "why do you care so much about my posts on this board" or something similar.

Anyways, I do agree that the "muscles" to which you're referring are the result of very little body fat and muscle around the hip area, and it's really just skin stretching over the hip bone.


Here's the deal Prof X-I can tell by reading your posts that you are a very intelligent/knowledgeable person. I even agree w/a lot of your points, not all, but many. You have very witty responses to certain posts (the pit bull analogy was great-even though the whole point of the "size of the fight in the dog" saying is also very true).

I'm not "one of the troops" and I'm speaking for myself. I have nothing against people who train for size and I have nothing against Ronnie Coleman. The man is probably the biggest/strongest bodybuilder ever. I mean hell we all care to some degree (some more than others) about how we look deep down. However, some people who enjoy working out (yes to get stronger or bigger or both) focus on other things AS WELL such as: increased strength, speed, range of motion, endurance, coordination, etc etc.


Oh my bad, this is the beginners area. Sorry.