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How Do Guys Do Blasts on TRT?

I’m curious how that works (for research purposes). Guys start taking more and then also add in some AI to help with unnaturally high e2? How do they manage the other concerns that the TRT community is always talking about?

  1. Hematocrit and Hemoglobin?
  2. Feeling crazy because hormones are in fluctuation?
  3. PSA


So a blast will be different between different individuals. Some just bump test up, some keep test the same and add a different compound(s), some bump test up and add different compound(s). Many do not add AI, some do. AI should be used if needed. Many do fine without AI.

Blood work here to determine if too high. Many if their blood work on TRT is far from the danger zone, will just do blood work during the TRT time. You can use things like heart rate and blood pressure to gauge if you are having issues too (compare to non-blast HR and BP).

Many feel really good on blast (it seems to depend on what compounds). Many don’t have very many issues on TRT either. It is the guys on the forums that have issues. Most if they have low T feel better when injecting a reasonable amount of T.

I would just look at blood work during the TRT phase or “cruise”.

Not sure where you’re getting your information about steroids in general but they are not based in fact.

Most of us blast by adding one or more compounds to our TRT dose. I, for example, add masteron and anavar for 8 weeks or so.

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