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How Do Fat People Live With Themselves?


I'm not someone who's overweight, and trying like hell to change that fact. I'm talking about the people that when you see them in a picture, they're 50% bigger than anyone else in that picture.

I was just looking at this picture of a friend of mine, she's gorgeous, in great shape..and one of her friends is next to her. The friend is TWICE as big as her, AT LEAST. I can't imagine why someone in this day and age, knowing what we know about health, the lifespan and quality of life, would let themselves not only get to that level, and then maintain it.

I mean, we've all heard the bullshit excuses "no time [even though they can watch tv for 5 hours/night], "it's all genetics", "it's hard to eat right". But if I'm in a situation where something I'm doing is basically poisoning my body...I don't care how many excuses people make for me, I'm going to do something about it. What people are basically saying is, "Yeah, how I live is shortening my life and lowering it's quality...but...." I mean really? really? I just don't get it anymore. Stuff like this usually doesn't bother me, but that picture I saw today just set me off. The girl's friend looked like she was going to eat her. If I was that obese girl and I saw myself in that photo I would RUN to the fucking gym, yet this girl never will, and I can't imagine a reason for that.

rant over.


In my experience it's because they don't believe they can change.


Maybe they just value different things than how they look?

Maybe they are misserable?

Maybe insert a million things here

None of which explains why you give a crap what they do.


They make their friends look better, so I guess they're decent people.

I've always wondered about that myself. I've always asked my friends how fat people live with themselves. Maybe they're not as vain. Maybe, they're content in their fat ways. I don't really believe that. I think they're just too weak and afraid to make any changes.

I think the government should start a fat tax. Fat people cost money in this economy (more fuel, less productivity, etc.). That might motivate people to become more healthy. They obviously shouldn't measure it using BMI, considering many of us on this website would be considered overweight or obese. Maybe a yearly bodyfat percentage check up when going to the doctor's or something.

Although, I sometimes do enjoy and find it ironic being placed in the obese category, but hey who cares if I'm shitting in my own skillet anyways? (I really wanted to use that line somehow)


Being fat is fun, stop hatin yo!



If you've never been fat, then you just don't know.


there are plenty of people who wonder why would we want to carry an excess amount of muscle.

"i mean, his arm was lik the size of my HEAD, who would honestly want to look like that"


This is true. But do you think that people actively try to get fat?

.... apart from fetishists NTAWWT.


A lot of fat people find it very difficult to live with, they can get depressed along with a host of other phsychological issues. Some commit themselves to change, many others just live (and die) with it.



There is a kid at work that says this shit to me all the time.


right, but the difference is most of us are doing things that INCREASE the quality of our life, our health, and length of life. People may ask why we carry excess muscle, but it serves a purpose. Excess fat is basically just sitting there killing you.


why do you care?

All the ills in the world and this is what instigates you to write a rant?

If you had been squished next to one in an airport seat or something then that would be something to rant about. Not just because you don't want to look at them.

You know what I hate looking at? Dredlocks. They look like someone has dirt and yucky stuff in their hair, it grosses me out. I try to appreciate that this person is just expressing themselves, but I just see dirty matted hair.

Fat people, if I take time to think about them, I think they are probably missing out on things. I don't think I need to hoist them on a cross and punish them.

and don't you have a fat girlfriend that you say terrible things about?


I broke up with her. She wasn't morbidly obese though.


DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend. What would the okay-looking girls do without them?

Think of them! Being judged as truly average as they are instead of greater due to the void of attractiveness created by the DUFF.


Some people are just happy and that is all. I would rather be obese and live an happy life then have a physique like Arnold and suffer psychologically all the time. If she is happy the way she is then this is great


Of course you did. And good of you to justify the level of acceptable fatness.


furthermore without duffs then I'd have noone to talk to while im freezing a hot bitch out.


lets not make our passion for building muscle go without its fault. What about the unfortunates members of this site who WILL develop an eating disorder, insulin destabilization, spine injuries, need an ankle infusion...the list here goes on. this is not as pure as you might think. Everyone here is at the same risk for the same health issues as everyone else.

Having muscle mass does not make you invincible.

anyway, why do you care?


55 seconds in.


I'm 5'11", I used to be 200kg and have been down to 90kg and now hover around 100kg and usually keep my abs visible. So I've done kinda the two extremes.

In my experience, I've never met someone that's overweight that doesn't not want to be overweight, but they just don't beleive it's truly possible to change. It's not like it's a conscious decision where they say "I'm gonna eat all this shit so I can be fat", it's more subconscious than that.

You see Shugart write about this type of thing all the time, but I think he's either forgotten the intricacies or it, or figures it's not worth going into. After all, do you really want to understand, or would you rather sit back and thank god it's not you?

Truly obese people, like you're talking about, have a mental disease I think. People claim that you can be overweight and eat th esame and exercise the same as other people, but that's not true in my experience. My family is overweight, so are a few of my friends, ALL of them overeat, eat crap, and don't exercise. I've never met someone that's obese that doesn't fall into these categories.

Generally they're overweight because they've forgotten what it is to actually be hungry, and eat to cover their hunger, rather than eat to cover their emotional needs. There is a massive difference between being a normal weight and being obese. An obese person that eats for their body and does a nominal amount of exercise will likely never ever be close to seeing their abs, but that's true of most people. However they could be a normal weight and healthiness.

So in short, I believe, what makes obese people obese is a mental disorder and should be treated this way rather than with drugs or any other option.

There was a great interview with Stallone about going from super fit to the fat dude in Copland. I think it even gave ME a better understanding of what it's like to be fat, as he's seen both sides of it.